Vicky Grammatikopoulou: A Hands-on Leader Dominating the Aesthetics Industry

Although the dynamics of business have changed significantly in the past few decades, the importance of a good leader is paramount to a company’s success. A good leader is someone who inspires people to connect with something bigger than themselves; to work together, take bold action, and accomplish tasks that could not be achieved without shared efforts. A good leader possesses a combination of characteristics such as vision, passion, empathy, decisiveness, service, optimism, etc.

Vicky Grammatikopoulou (Founder and CEO of Vie Aesthetics) is a prime example of a leader steering her company towards unprecedented growth amid the increasing competition. Vicky has two decades of experience in teaching, Higher Education lecturing, and teacher education. Her areas of interest include Lecturing, Educational Technology, Leadership, Teaching Languages, and Marketing and Leadership & Qualitative Research.

Inception of Vie Aesthetics

Looking at the aesthetics industry through the eyes of a customer, Vicky noticed that the customers have to choose between either the casual or unregulated context of a beauty salon or the stern and sterile no-frills approach of a medical setting. Thus, she decided to create a stylish, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable clinic environment that combines outstanding customer care with clinical excellence, safety, and innovation.

This combination of beauty and medicine, together with a holistic approach to health and wellness was at the heart of my endeavour,” asserts Vicky.

Vicky started Vie Aesthetics as a side hustle alongside her main job as a university lecturer training teachers. At that time, guiding questions for her were “What type of clinic would I wish to visit? How would I wish my experience to be like if I wanted to have an aesthetic treatment?”—which are still the same even today. Vicky was out to establish a small model clinic. However, the company’s huge success and growth led her to eventually quit her job in higher education. “I did embrace the business fully—this is my life now. And I could not be happier,” she mentions.

Tailored and Bespoke Treatments

Vie Aesthetics is a multi-award-winning luxury brand with aesthetic clinics in London, Essex, and Germany—helping men and women achieve their anti-ageing and transformation goals. The company specializes in tailored and bespoke combination treatments for skin, face, body, wellness, and hair to achieve natural-looking, discrete, and subtle results.

Vie Aesthetics is a doctor-led, CQC-regulated and Save Face-accredited Medical Establishment providing only the safest and effective cutting-edge aesthetic and anti-ageing solutions. For the last 8 years, a highly skilled and specialized team of doctors and therapists—under the guidance of a celebrated aesthetic doctor and Medical Director Dr. Ioannis Liakas—offer the latest medical and cosmetic solutions under one roof.

The Vie Aesthetics combination treatments are renowned in the UK and abroad for delivering bespoke, natural-looking, and refined results. Celebrities and even royalty from the UK and abroad are among the company’s loyal clients who value their natural-looking results, as well as all-round expertise and care. For its cutting-edge solutions, the company has been bestowed with numerous awards over the years, including MyFaceMyBody Global Aesthetic Practice of the year 2020.

Use this time to review, adapt, and reinvent yourself and your business. Don’t be short-sighted and think of the day after.

– Vicky Grammatikopoulou

A Truly Hands-on CEO

Vie Aesthetics was born out of Vicky’s passion and she has been an integral part of the company’s growth over the years. As a truly hands-on CEO, Vicky strives to be in the picture overseeing all operations. She has also kept the role of Brand and Marketing Director and is constantly involved in adapting, evolving, and refining the brand and its offer. “I am constantly eager to learn, to discover, to find out new ways of doing things. I ask questions, I research, and I would think that I am very open to change and growth… I am constantly switching between different hats whether it’s CEO or Branding Director, I’m always working towards a project or two!” states Vicky.

Adapting to the New Normal

The aesthetics industry was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, with enforced closures and social distancing making it impossible for the majority of establishments to continue trading during the lockdown. Like any other company, Vie Aesthetics also faced a plethora of challenges, from the safety of its staff and clients, to logistics, protocols, and restrictions to commercial repercussions and financial survival.

At the initial stages of the pandemic, the company closed, however, continued sending out products and providing virtual consultations. The team at Vie Aesthetics used the time to create educational videos, offering advice and keeping in touch with the clients via email and social media.

Vicky soon realized that the ability to adapt fast and risk-assess constantly is life-saving for the company. Soon, the company adapted its premises, protocols, and procedures. It also acquired a brand-new clinic in Holborn and expanded its space in Harley Street, London. Vicky believes that the company has become more robust during the pandemic. “Our practice will keep some of the procedures and platforms we created during this time as we go forward,” she mentions.

Robust Company Culture

Transparency and communication is the key to successful company culture. Vie Aesthetics has a well-organized structure of scheduled meetings and weekly face-to-face briefings to ensure it maintains communication across and a much-needed sense of belonging. Vicky encourages her team to use the “can I have 5 minutes” code phrase if they are ever feeling anxious or overwhelmed. As a mother herself, she knows the importance of family and encourages her team to prioritize theirs and their family’s health.

Vie Aesthetics operates a flat hierarchical structure in the sense that it has an open-door policy. As the CEO, Vicky closely works alongside all the team members. The company’s vision is “celebrating beauty of life” and its core values are Excellence, Safety, Care, Innovation, and Responsibility. This is practiced throughout the clinic and forms the building blocks of each role at Vie Aesthetics. The company constantly invests in its staff in the form of training courses and professional development plans for each staff member, offering them the chance to progress in their role and reach more senior roles.

Expansive Growth  

Despite being closed for two months, Vie Aesthetics was able to reach and even exceed its original financial targets for the business year throughout the pandemic. The company even expanded in size and is positively moving towards reaching its goals for the opening of its brand-new clinic in London. Vicky mentions that the aesthetics industry is constantly facing new challenges—particularly during the pandemic in the form of rogue traders. Vie Aesthetics, however, stands as a clinic that aims to use its expertise and platform to educate people about aesthetic treatments and Safety in aesthetics.

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