10 Most Creative CEOs of the Year 2021


Gagan Arora: A Trendsetter In The Business And Technology World

In today’s ever-changing business and cultural environment, the importance of creativity in leadership is critical to any organization’s survival. Creative leaders can see things in different ways and solve challenges by seeing things that others don’t. These are the leaders who try to navigate – and even profit from – the unpredictability of their environment. One such creative leader is Mr. Gagan Arora, CEO at Vertex Global Services. Due to his unique leadership, solution-oriented approach, out of the box thinking, he has achieved various feats and has taken Vertex Global Services to new heights.The Journey From Torchbearer To Vertex CEO


Leadership Behaviour In The Age Of New Normal

The pandemic has made manifest the complexity of our world. Almost overnight, our forecasts and future plans for 2020 became obsolete and we realised that we had no way to produce accurate estimates. Governments and businesses had to play catch up having failed to recognise the early signals. Leader…
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