Understanding COVID-19 impact on the telecommunications sector


The overall outlook, globally as well as in India, telecom sector to be one of the few that may escape unscathed from the pandemic and the resultant lockdown. As the global economy continues through impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, the telecom sector being the invisible hand driving with this shift. Remote working, video conferencing, and telecommunications technology have quickly emerged as key enablers for business operations during this lockdown. Several experts now believe that unlike the manufacturing and other sectors that have come to a near standstill, the telecom industry…

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Influence of COVID-19 on the Pharmaceutical Market


COVID-19 pandemic affecting industries across the globe. The coronavirus outbreak has started to hit India’s pharmaceutical sector by raising the prices of key ingredients. COVID-19 is a very dynamic situation. We believe there would be indirect effects on the continuity of supply of medicines due to lockouts, manpower supply, raw materials supply issue, stoppage of transportation, etc. Moreover, in a time of economic regression and global health fears due to Covid-19, the reputations of pharmaceutical companies are on the line and their impact on the fight against the virus will…

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COVID-19: Consequences on Information sector


IT companies are heavily dependent on manpower and are not able to operate due to restriction in movement of people arising from lockdown and quarantine issues. Consequently, they are not able to complete or deliver the existing projects in time and are also declining new projects. During the COVID-19 pandemic, technologies are playing a crucial role in keeping our society functional in a time of lockdowns and quarantines. Digital payments enable people to make online purchases and payments of goods, services and even utility payments, as well as to receive…

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Bhavani Industries: Transforming Manufacturing with Subtle Use of technology


Over the years, rapid industrialization and digitization have resulted in a technical revolution. This technical revolution has fueled the emergence of numerous new technologies across various industries and the manufacturing industry is no stranger to such technological revolutions. In the past few years, Computerized Numeric Control (CNC) machines have emerged as a force to reckon in the manufacturing industry. With advantages like less skill dependency, high accuracy, ability to perform multiple operations, and flexibility, CNC based manufacturing methods are being preferred over traditional manufacturing methods. Presently, the majority of the…

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Dot Com Infoway: Galvanizing the Enterprise Productivity with Specialized Solutions


The technology advancements over the years have changed businesses’ perspective altogether. Due to the changing customer needs and behavior, companies are updating their strategies and adding new technologies to their repertoire. Moreover, with increased proliferance of the internet around the globe, numerous new software-based technologies are gaining ground. Furthermore, along with the quality of the products, marketing also plays an essential role in the growth of a business. Several new marketing strategies like Digital Marketing, Mobile App Marketing have emerged and made their mark in the past few years. Thus,…

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75Health: Boosting Healthcare with Cloud-based EHR


In this technology driven world, increasing digitization and industrialization is resulting in development of newer technologies day in and day out. All the sectors of global economy have undergone this technological revolution and healthcare sector is no exception. Introduction of technologies such as telemedicine, gene therapy, personalized healthcare, and artificial intelligence have transformed the healthcare industry as these technologies offer better and more accessible treatment, improved care and efficiency, and better disease control. Electronic Health Record (EHR) is also one such service that is gaining ground because of its ability…

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DigiChefs: Delivering High-Performance Digital Marketing Solutions Across Verticals


Digital transformation has changed the world drastically and influenced various industries and verticals. Today, consumers’ interests and behaviors are hard to predict for any organization. Businesses that want to remain competitive in today’s online landscape must adapt to the rapidly evolving digital marketing changes. This is where DigiChefs comes into the picture. Incepted in 2015, DigiChefs is a boutique digital marketing company that enables its clients to achieve the maximum potential in their businesses using its technology-led creative solutions. The company has maintained its reputation and clients happy by delivering solutions on…

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Yogita Tulsiani: A Conscientious Leader Connecting Talent With Global Opportunities


Over the past years, most sectors have been disrupted by technology, including human resources (HR). Hiring is a lot different today from what it was years ago. This resulted in spring of numerous challenges and gaps for HR professionals to address. Several HR departments started embracing advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and analytics to overcome these issues and fulfill the companies’ recruitment needs. However, picking up the right solution for the business practices from among the myriad options is not easy. Choosing the best software…

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Vikas Thakur: A Formidable Force Transforming The HR Industry

Vikas Thakur

In this technological epoch, the world has become a global market place. Organizations that want to lead the race in this market need to recruit and form a team of talented professionals. The CEO of Capital Placement Services, Vikas Thakur believes that workplaces are undergoing tremendous changes, and it is our responsibility to echo that change in the HR industry. The HR professionals are expected to make provisions and plan to retain employees, to create productive workspaces for them, and bridge the gap between the management and the employees. Furthermore, he has noticed that these…

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Abhishek Sinngh: A Certified HR Professional Bringing The Right HR Solutions To Organizations

abhishek singh

The HR industry has undergone a dramatic change in its roles, functions, and overall impact in shaping organizations. Technology now drives organizational strategy and culture and not just experience and process. The most effective HR technology would help organizations achieve the desired business outcomes.Ways & Works Consulting LLP, established by Abhishek Sinngh (CEO & Managing Director) in 2013, perfectly understands this requirement of organizations. It offers the best breeds of HR solutions by using the latest technology. With the right combination of people, process, knowledge sharing, and technology, the company provides cutting…

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