How Internet of Things is Changing Healthcare Industry?


Many in the business community view IoT devices as interesting consumer gadgets, like the Fitbit or the Apple Watch. Increasingly, though, IoT devices are coming into their own for business and industrial use, and in the process reinventing such industries as healthcare. It has great potential and multiple applications, from remote monitoring to medical device integration. Visualize a future in which all healthcare specialists that are involved in the care for a patient have easy access to the same general view of that patient whether it’s in a high-tech hospital…

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Adopting the New Normal for reshaping healthcare


2020 has been used up by the global pandemic of COVID-19 and its overwhelming effect on healthcare systems worldwide. The COVID-19 battle has pushed the countries to upgrade their healthcare technologies and other fields of tech. But all of this is happening too fast and while this may be good news during a worldwide lockdown, this dramatic change will surely create a new world after the dust settles. Pandemics and healthcare crunches in the past have been continuously defeat people and governments all over the world to take public health…

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Salt World: Prominent long term way of Wellness with Halotherapy

Salt World

In today’s fast lifestyle, health issues are the biggest burden people all over the world are facing. They tend to neglect the ideal nutrition and diet, precautionary measures taken against pollution, adverse effects of smoking, sleeping patterns, unfavorable stress and anxiety. Halotherapy is the best remedy for all of these major problems since it revitalizes the lungs and skin. Salt not only stipulates the taste of food but also serves many more purposes in one’s day-to-day routine due to its anti- inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties. According to Health experts,…

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Accurex Biomedical: Testing Life, Saving Lives


The healthcare sector has been under the pump due to the COVID-19 pandemic for the past few months. However, industries such as the diagnostics industry are gaining ground amid the unprecedented situation. Diagnostics determine 70% of the medical decisions such as therapy, hospital admission, and hospital discharge and it is only 3% of the healthcare costs. Consequently, in the pandemic diagnostic testing has become one of the most important weapons in the fight against the pandemic. Presently, the importance of accurate and precise diagnostics has been signified. Being one of…

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