Best-Performing CEOs to Watch Out For 2023 VOL II

Salman Khan: A Proactive Champion Providing Modern, Strategic Financial Solutions For Businesses

There is no one path to becoming a capable leader. However, all capable leaders have a few common traits. They are innovative and creative; they take risks, and they don’t give up in the face of challenges. They also have amazing ideas and the determination to see them through.
Furthermore, good leadership can help to establish company culture and the developmental direction of an organization….

Jacques Fourie: Leading Bridgestone with Passion and Purpose

Exceptional leaders are individuals who go above and beyond what is expected of them in terms of leadership. They possess exceptional qualities and abilities that set them apart from others, including a clear vision, strong decision-making skills, and the ability to inspire and motivate their team. …
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Top 4 Education Trends To Follow In 2023

More than 2 years after the pandemic forced school closures worldwide, countries are still striving to ensure education continuity as new coronavirus variants emerge at frighteningly regular intervals. In the absence of a widespread vaccine protocol for children, full-scale face-to-face learning is …
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