Gagan Arora: A Trendsetter In The Business And Technology World


In today’s ever-changing business and cultural environment, the importance of creativity in leadership is critical to any organization’s survival. Creative leaders can see things in different ways and solve challenges by seeing things that others don’t. These are the leaders who try to navigate – and even profit from – the unpredictability of their environment.

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Ran Rachlin: Empowering Businesses With Finest Testing Solutions For Digital Products


The COVID-19 poses challenges as well as opportunities for many businesses today. The CEO and Co-founder of Ubertesters, Ran Rachlin believes that there are many opportunities in their industry. He has observed that the pandemic has forced many businesses to ‘go digital’ and improve their digital operations and services. This has resulted in his company offering a B2B solution for testing services to digital products. The inspiration behind Ubertesters Establishment Ran has extensive global experience, manages and leads new projects from inception to implementation and substantial revenues, and manages large global organizations in numerous countries and sectors. Before Ubertesters,…

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