Focelite, A Start-Up at Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre To Launch Welblu, A Unique Therapy for COVID-19


Focelite, a startup at Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre (BBC), plans to launch ‘Welblu’, an innovative solution to treat COVID-19, in collaboration with the US partner. It is a curative therapy for COVID-19 positive patients. 

A clinical study with this innovative solution has been performed in the USA. This study has shown that COVID-19 positive patients who have undergone treatment using Welblu effectively recovered from cytokine storm and respiratory distress in the lesser meantime than the control group. Welblu has unique therapeutic action that simultaneously impacts several mechanisms related to COVID -19 complications such as severe hypoxia, hyperinflammatory reactions, and the increased death signaling leading to an immunosuppressive state. Likewise, it is seen to be re-adjusting cellular metabolism to a mitochondrion centred condition that is depriving the COVID virus of energetic and structural supplies.

In predicted wave-3, this product will bridge the gap between the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated group. A trial on the pediatric age group is underway. It will work effectively on the coronavirus strain of Alpha, Beta, Delta, Delta +, Gamma variation. The product will help in spreading community transmission in the third wave and prevent an individual from dreadful ICU admissions. It will lessen the health economic burden of our country on a huge scale.

BBC is a joint initiative of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and Department of Electronics, IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka. BBC is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all persons associated with the Centre, including its staff, BBC incubatees, visitors, and contractors. BBC has formed the Environment, Health and Safety Committee consisting of 12 members from esteemed institutes, incubatees of BBC, and management staff from BBC. The objective of this EHS Committee is to provide a platform for the incubatees of BBC and management to work together to comply with the applicable legal regulations and resolve any issues related to EHS.

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