Plato Data and Butterfly Protocol Leaders Declare Partnership


Plato Technologies Inc., the provider of the industry-leading blockchain intelligence platform Plato, will offer the newly created W3 Protocol & Blockchain Registry using the Butterfly Protocol. The butterfly is a premiere creation platform for new blockchain top-level domains and offers tools to build out domains for the decentralized internet and Web 3.0.

The partnership has created a separate operating entity PlatoW3, Inc. to facilitate the governance, financing and operations of the initiative. W3 Domains will be offered exclusively through Plato to seamlessly interact with the secured data Plato generates. In addition, Plato will offer integrated packages that include data access, dApp hosting, decentralized web spaces, and mesh networks.

Blockchain domains are rapidly gaining acceptance as the world moves toward Web 3.0 with a growing decentralized internet and distributed computing environment. Advances in technologies like 5G, satellite-provided internet, and edge computing are changing the way data is delivered. In addition, file storage is improving with hybrid cloud and local nodes providing a more robust infrastructure to handle data-driven societies’ demands.

The benefits of blockchain domains also extend to allowing better control by the data owner and a censor-resistant environment that takes power out of the hands of centralized parties and gives it to the creators and owners of the content. There is increasing demand for continued access to data-driven content that governments and private enterprises may otherwise block. PlatoW3 will provide solutions that harness the power of Web3 environments

“Multi-layer integrations supporting the W3 Registry will create new ways for the community to benefit from our integrated intelligence,” said Bryan Feinberg, Founder, and CEO of Plato Technologies.

Dana Farbo, the lead strategist with Butterfly Protocol, stated that “with the addition of W3 as a blockchain domain system, Plato will share the open-source tools created at Butterfly to bring a new level of utilization of the decentralized web.”

Plato is an open intelligence repository and data platform that unlocks the power of Vertical Search in a highly scalable and immersive way. The platform is designed to provide an ultra-safe and secure environment to consume sector-specific real-time data intelligence across the Web3 Universe.

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