SLM Solutions partners with industry heavyweight AMEXCI


AMEXCI, an additive manufacturing company founded by eleven Nordic industrial companies, and selective laser melting pioneer SLM Solutions are strengthening their partnership. The common goal is to accelerate the industrialization of metal-based additive manufacturing. To achieve this and secure the basis for the highest productivity and consistent part quality, AMEXCI has invested in the SLM®500 Selective Laser Melting machine, equipped with four 700W lasers.

The aim of the partnership between AMEXCI and SLM Solutions is to drive industrialisation and help companies successfully implement additive manufacturing. Edvin Resebo, CEO of AMEXCI highlights, “Having worked together for some time, we are excited to take the next step and further strengthen our collaboration.

We see SLM® technology as a strong complement to our existing collaborations. In terms of AM industrialisation, we see growing potential in the Nordic region in the coming years. From AMEXCI’s perspective, SLM Solutions shows a deep understanding of what is important for additive manufacturing as an industrial process and what needs to be in place in the future.”

The partnership will use specific case studies to evaluate additive manufacturing and test the competitive industry advantages of various machines offered by SLM Solutions. AMEXCI will also evaluate the use of the recently launched NXG XII 600 for industrialised volume production.

Sam O’Leary, CEO of SLM Solutions says: “AMEXCI works with a wide range of industries, particularly in the Nordic region. We are proud to act as a solution provider and support AMEXCI’s customers in implementing business cases, from prototyping to volume production. Providing consulting services throughout the customer’s development phase is a goal of SLM Solutions in this partnership.”

The basis for the joint collaboration is AMEXCI’s investment in SLM Solutions’ latest SLM®500. The machine offers outstanding features for industrial series production. As the first quad-laser system on the market, it has been optimally designed for the fast and cost-effective production of large metal parts. The multi-laser overlap strategy with up to four 700W lasers ensures maximum efficiency. The ability to change build cylinders minimises machine downtime while maximising productivity and reducing cost per part.

AMEXCI works with its customers to develop new generations of products where additive manufacturing serves as a driver for increased competitiveness and more sustainable production. In addition, AMEXCI offers a wide range of training and workshops to build successful business cases for its customers.

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