Tech Mahindra to offer AI-based vision solutions with Cogniac partnership

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Tech Mahindra has partnered with Cogniac to offer its clients with artificial intelligence-based machine vision solutions. Machine vision refers to the technology and methods that are used to make imagining-based inspection that is autonomous. It is used in the analysis of applications involved with process control, robotic guidance and related work.

Tech Mahindra said that the system will help its clients in the verticals of automotive, railway, manufacturing and the public sector areas. The partnership will provide a solution to operationalise visual data analysis, including outliers, insights and trends. This in turn will help enterprises to leverage underutilised visial data. 

Tech Mahindra claimed that the vision platform will provide its clients with “superhuman” operational performance, owing to convolutional neural networks across the sectors mentioned above. Convolutional neural networks can be described as a type of artificial neural network that can be used for image recognition and processing, and is designed specifically to analyse pixel data.  

“With Tech Mahindra’s data synthesis capabilities, we will be able to provide necessary and relevant information to customers and enable them to make data-informed business decisions,” said Vahan Tchakerian, Chief Partnership Officer, Cogniac.  

The collaboration will integrate Tech Mahindra’s business data analysis and industrial manufacturing solutions with Cogniac’s AI models, cloud computing and big data management capabilities to create the machine vision solution aimed at eliminating bottlenecks.

Tech Mahindra believes in DigitALL philosophy for comprehensive Business Transformation. Digital technologies catalyze the transformations – they humanize businesses by helping them think, sense, connect, communicate, secure and act better than before. As part of NXT.NOWTM framework, which aims to enhance ‘Human Centric Experience’, Tech Mahindra focuses on investing in emerging technologies and solutions that enable digital transformation and meet the evolving needs of the customer.

Rahul Bhuman, Vice President and Head of Emerging Business, Tech Mahindra – “Tech Mahindra has been at the forefront of delivering Human Centric Experiences by leveraging innovative technology solutions. In this partnership, with the combined capabilities of Tech Mahindra and Cogniac, we will help customers leverage visual data across sectors, which is currently underutilised. With an aim to deliver transformative enterprise machine solutions that are highly agile and scalable, we have re-aligned our strategy and delivery model to accelerate the customer’s transformation journey, in sync with NXT.NOWTM framework.”

The partnership will provide a comprehensive solution to enterprises globally to operationalise visual data collection and analysis, including advanced insights, trends, and outliers. This will help organisations to leverage currently underutilized visual data to optimize operations and foster growth & productivity, thus, further positioning Tech Mahindra as a go-to provider of cognitive inspection for the industrial manufacturing customers.

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