Agility Innovation Partners and DiRx Aims to Expand Access to Affordable Medicine

DiRx Inc. today announced it has selected Agility Innovation Partners (AgilityIP) as an authorized B2B expansion partner, to accelerate its growth within the benefits advisor community, public and private health plan sponsors, TPAs, PBMs, and other aggregators in the healthcare sector.

For organizations who seek access to the same streamlined cost model that draws a straight line from supply to demand, DiRx is the answer. The DiRx team negotiates manufacturer level pricing on the most-commonly prescribed, FDA-approved medications and eliminates the fees, cost layers and complex contracts associated with an insurance company or pharmacy benefits manager (PBM). The era of price transparency, and heightened plan sponsor fiduciary procurement is here. DiRx delivers on the original intent of generic medicine; convenient, low-cost medications, delivered directly to the patient’s home at a fraction of the cost.

This aligns perfectly with AgilityIP’s mission to accelerate the growth and scale of transformative healthcare innovations that improve health and remove avoidable cost. DiRx is an online pharmacy that delivers savings on commonly prescribed, FDA-approved generic medicines without the need for insurance. Founded by industry experts, DiRx draws a straight line from supply to demand to streamline the path between the manufacturer and the consumer. This lowers costs and makes more medicine accessible to more people. DiRx offers a viable model for businesses and community organizations while simplifying how consumers fill, pay for and receive maintenance medicine.

“Encouraged by the affordable access we have been able to offer individual American consumers through our disruptive cost-plus model, we are now expanding the reach and benefits of our model to larger groups of consumers and payers. Based on AgilityIP’s extensive market reach, experience and network access, both teams have been working together to deliver significant social impact,” says Satish Srinivasan, CEO/Founder of DiRx.

The DiRx team has seen first-hand how barriers to health care hurt people who need medicine. The burden continues to be great, with 65% of out-of-pocket costs attributed to generic drugs (per IQVIA National Prescription Audit, December 2020). With decades of combined pharmacy experience and a strong strategic Advisory Board, they are now on a mission to help more people get safe medicine at a low, reliable price.

“For far too long the US pharmacy supply chain within health plans has included layer after layer of cost while adding no value to the medication. DiRx changes this. Plan sponsors and Benefit Advisors can now bypass non transparent PBMs to source generic medications directly, at the lowest possible cost, shipped directly to the patient’s door,” says Drew Kallestad, Chief Strategy Officer of AgilityIP. He adds, “If you set out to build a new digital pharmacy for high social impact, this is the model you would create.”

Says AgilityIP Co-founder Ken Sloan, “Our initial large-scale data analysis confirmed DiRx offers significant savings to employers and employees against those offered through traditional supply chains. We align entirely with the mission and vision of DiRx and are excited about the future impact of the partnership.”

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