MG Motor partners Reliance Jio for new mobility solutions in upcoming SUV


MG Motor India on Tuesday announced a partnership on the Internet of Things (IoT) space with digital services provider Jio. The car maker will provide seamless integration of IT systems enabled by Jio’s IoT solution in its upcoming mid-size SUV.

The association will enable robust new-age mobility solutions, underlining the marquee carmaker’s zeal to build futuristic mobility applications and facilitate magical experiences, said the companies in a joint statement.

The carmaker is planning to launch the non-electric version of the ZS SUV, which could benefit from this partnership with Reliance Jio. Jio’s IoT solution is expected to bring in improved in-car connectivity and mobility to the buyers of the upcoming SUV. The widespread network of Jio is expected to benefit MG customers even in the remotest part of the country.

MG is reportedly planning to operate in a non-electric version of the ZS SUV soon, and the vehicle may benefit from the partnership between the company and Jio India. Jio’s 4G network has the potential to provide upcoming MG SUV customers with high-speed in-car connectivity, even in the farthest parts of the country. Jio’s connected car solutions are touted as a combination of hardware, software and connectivity, giving users access to trending infotainment and real-time telematics on the go.

Rajeev Chaba, President and Managing Director of MG Motor India, said technology and innovation are leading the connected car space in the automobile industry.

The current trend focuses increasingly on software-driven devices and our current partnership with a tech-innovator like Jio in the IoT space is a step towards establishing MG Motor as a tech leader in the automobile industry, he said.

As per Rajeev Chaba, technology and innovation are leading the connected car space in the industry. Adding further, he said that this partnership will simplify the driving experience and ensure safety backed by technology for the customers of MG Motor’s next mid-sized connected SUV.

As per Kiran Thomas, Director and President of Jio, the company’s IoT solution will let MG customers experience real-time connectivity, telematics to learn the location of vehicle and in-car infotainment where one can catch the latest news and watch entertainment videos.

“Jio has been building an ecosystem of cutting-edge technology products and solutions for Indian users. Our partnership with MG Motor India is another important step in that journey. Jio’s eSIM, IoT and Streaming solutions will enable MG users to access real-time connectivity, infotainment, and telematics. It is a commitment to technological evolution in the automobile industry with innovation as its key pillar,” said Kiran Thomas in the statement.

MG Motor, owned by Shanghai-based SAIC Motor, has expressed confidence that the partnership with Jio will establish the company as a tech leader in the automobile industry. The automaker claims that the new mobility solutions powered by Jio’s 4G network will simplify the driving experience and ensure safety backed by technology.

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