Best-Performing CEOs to Watch Out For 2023 vol-1

Timothy R. McAuley : A Renowned Environmental Leader In The Professional Environmental Consulting Services Industry

Environmental consulting may appear to be a time-consuming investment that is not necessary, but it is actually a procedure that will help your company and is essential to protecting both the environment and human health. It is about promoting promotes environmental awareness in a corporate setting and motivating organizations and developers to actively manage the impact their business has on the environment. Environmental consultations are also excellent at raising awareness in the workplace or the community. They offer their clients specialized evaluation and consulting services on matters related to the management of environmental issues

Khora: Expanding Reality with Innovative Solutions

As technologies are evolving fast, there is more and more interest to do campaigns, training, and education through VR and AR. Particularly with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for digital approaches and new ways of having immersive experiences in the safety of the home has increased…
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How to Generate a Unique Brand Identity in 2023

Branding is generally means a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company. This helps to identify a product and distinguish it from other products and services. Bra…
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Digital Transformation: Propelling the Customer Experience

Digital Transformation has fueled the growth of tech companies over the years. It has forced the enterprises to change their business models and adopt to the new market reality. However, this change is not being driven by the companies, instead, it is being driven by the customer. Presently,…
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Anand Asaithambi: A Game Changer in Modern POS Systems

The unprecedented challenges and in the fight for survival and growth, business leaders are facing the ultimate test of their mettle. The twisters of COVID-19 have struck at the root of the global ecosystem and are structurally altering how one approaches the way of life. These are remarkably challe…
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