75Health: Boosting Healthcare with Cloud-based EHR

In this technology driven world, increasing digitization and industrialization is resulting in development of newer technologies day in and day out. All the sectors of global economy have undergone this technological revolution and healthcare sector is no exception. Introduction of technologies such as telemedicine, gene therapy, personalized healthcare, and artificial intelligence have transformed the healthcare industry as these technologies offer better and more accessible treatment, improved care and efficiency, and better disease control.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) is also one such service that is gaining ground because of its ability to exchange health information electronically. EHR provides higher quality and safer care for patients while creating tangible enhancements for organizations. Presently, there are many EHR solution provider companies around the world. Established in 2010, 75Health is a cloud-based EHR software provider offering the full spectrum of EHR services to help medical providers and organizations work efficiently.

Widespread and Versatile Services

75Health provides its services to almost 38000 medical professionals and across more than 100 countries. The company always strives to bring the best features to the customers. Through its softwares, the company provides services such as Electronic Health Records, Electronic Medical Records, Personal Health Records, Medical Practice Management, E-Prescribing, Medical Billing Software, and Tele Doctor. These services are built on robust technologies and its responsive design makes it compatible with all devices.

The 75Health application offers a full spectrum of EHR services to help medical providers and organizations work efficiently.

– Mr. Anish Kumaramangalam

Furthermore, 75Health has made special efforts to provide complex features in a more convenient way. The EHR provides users with a unique single-page approach to navigating between pages giving an incomparable experience when compared to other EHR providers. Moreover, issues such as EHR data entry time consumption are countered with one-page navigation/UX to cut down the duration it normally takes. The company is also developing an AI product which will provide vital inputs to healthcare professionals by using a regional and global database. Apart from this, another advantage of these services is that the patients can keep track of their medical records.

A Team of Veterans Leading the Way

For any organization to be successful, it needs to have a highly experienced leadership unit. Likewise, 75Health also operates with massively experienced personnel who are using their avid experience towards the company’s benefit. Mr. Kumar Subramaniam, the Co-Founder and CEO of 75Health is an alumnus of the prestigious P.S.G. Institute of technology and has nearly 30 years of industry experience. As a CEO, he creates and implements the company’s mission, is involved in new strategies inside and outside the company, and takes all the important decisions. Moreover, Mrs. Sri Devi Kumaramangalam, Co-Founder and Director HR is always one step ahead with the new technologies and supervises and provides consultation to the management on different strategies.

Apart from the CEO and the Director, Mr. Anish Kumaramangalam, Co-Founder and CTO of the company also plays an important role in the company’s prowess. He is an alumnus of San Francisco State University and has leadership quality with a focus on real-world business exposure which is leading 75Health to success. His strategies towards the business are one of the reasons why 75Health is a top most EHR Software provider. The competition among the technology companies is getting rigorous day by day and this group of veteran leaders is helping 75Health survive and succeed in this competition.

Integrity and Customer Focus

The major factor behind 75Health’s success is their core values. The company emphasizes on strictly implementing their core values that are integrity, customer focus, and excellence. 75Health always does the right thing. The actions taken by the company are honest and trustworthy. Furthermore, the company stresses on customer satisfaction and always takes decisions that are favorable to the customers. Furthermore, the company believes in constant improvements to learn and improve themselves in the market. Along with the values, the core mission of the company also keeps the employees motivated. The mission of 75Health is to not only help doctors and patients go paperless, but to become the most important healthcare software provider in the world.

Targeting the Millennial Workforce

Generation Y is known as the generation which was born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. A study stated that by 2020, Generation Y is projected to be 50% of the workforce and it reaches 75% by 2025. As the generation is socializing via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and otEHR social platforms, they depend a lot on internet. Moreover, these people are more self-confident and are always in search of challenges. They always love to develop new strategies and their behavior, motivation, and engagement towards productivity attracts the industries. Thus, 75Health also plans its solutions and services considering and targeting the millennial workforce.

Coping with the Future Challenges

The solutions offered by 75Health have always been future-proof to manage the competitive industry. The company always listens to its customers, observes their needs, and makes changes to its software interface according to the customers’ needs. It identifies and starts managing risks at earlier stages so that it can face the upcoming challenges with its strategies. The company predicts future demands of the industry and plans to execute new technologies. Presently, 75Health is working on software named ‘Tele Doctor’ for doctors to reach even more patients at any time. Thus, the company believes on its future plans to excel the confronting challenges.

Forces to Reckon in the Near Future

IoT, Big Data, and Healthcare domains are expected to hit the floor in the near future. Though these sectors were leading from many years, but the growth of companies in these sectors is expected to double in 2021. As connected devices are being used almost in every area, the popularity of IoT is increasing rapidly. Moreover, due to advantages like generating customer offers based on their buying habits, improving customer engagement, and increasing customer loyalty, Big Data is also gaining ground. Furthermore, the healthcare domain is also booming due to growth of software and emerging innovations in this industry.

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