Amith Ashokan: An Industrious Leader With The Zeal To Transform Businesses


The number of COVID-cases is increasing at an exponential rate around the world. However, in India, where a lockdown was imposed early in the outbreak, it appears that we have somehow managed to keep the impact to a moderate level. As corporate India is compelled to operate from home owing to the statewide lockdown issued due to the breakout of COVID-19 and gets adjusted to the new style of working life, the scenario for the consulting industry is relatively familiar. In the past, many consultants have resorted to working remotely in unusual circumstances. Because consultants are frequently obliged to work from various locations around the world for their various projects, the consulting industry was the first to pioneer remote working solutions.

Though it can be argued that face-to-face interactions are necessary for a proper understanding of the client’s problem areas and the successful completion of projects, technologies such as videoconferencing, internet telephony, and instant messengers have helped to mitigate the impact to some extent. One such company that has adopted these technologies to fulfill the clients’ requirements and stay ahead of the competitors — Aysdev Global Consultancy LLP. Due to the wise and exemplary leadership of Founder and CEO Amith Ashokan, the company has reached a new height of success.

Meet The Visionary And Dynamic Leader

The inspiration to establish Aysdev Global Consultancy received through how Technology can improve a business,” declares Amith. The industrious leader holds nearly two decades of experience with established organizations on Cross-Domain Solutions, where he built a robust network of social and professional people. Today, as the CEO/Founder and Principal Consultant for Global/Regional Projects of Aysdev Global Consultancy, he is responsible for advising CXOs and leading corporates, business planning cycle for various business verticals, defining frameworks for performance evaluation, project management, measure and track performance via Balanced Scorecard for Business Institutions. In addition to these, Amith also oversees lead review and formulation of business strategies, vision, mission, core values and acts as a sounding board for business leaders.

Stand Out From Rest Of The CEOs

What makes Amith stand out from the rest of the CEOs is that he excels in the use of strategic tools such as Artificial Intelligence, Scenario planning, Portfolio optimization, Financial Management, Digital Marketing, Data Science, Machine Learning, along with cross-domain consulting with Project Management and Agile team building.

Moreover, Amith states that apart from acting as the CEO and Founder of Aysdev Global Consultancy, he performs additional responsibilities which include Business Development, Enterprise Software Solutions, Client Relations/Customer Service, Cross-Domain Expertise, Business Analysis & Planning, Team Building + Leadership, and Project Management Best Practices. He also acts as a mentor and consultant to cross-functional teams, Directors, and CEOs.

With Our Core Management consulting approach, we can deliver end-to-end tech-enabled transformations.

– Amith Ashokan

Delivering Excellent Services

As the leading strategic consulting company, Aysdev Global Consultancy offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions to businesses which includes:

  • E2E [End to End] tech-enabled transformations
  • Strategic Partner Development
  • Corporate Initiatives on Growth & Diversification
  • Mentoring
  • Management & IT Consultancy [SAP, AWS, Microsoft Azure, With Kaizen, Kanban[Operational Excellence]]
  • Profit Consulting & Project Management with many years of experience in roles that blend Business Management and Cross-Domain development on Information Technology.

These solutions not only increase the productivity and efficiency of the businesses but also ensure saving around 80% of efforts along with time and money.

Acting as One Unit
Aysdev Global Consultancy team consists of experienced executors with a vision to Connect and Evolve. Employees always collaborate and work as one unit to focus on delivering value to their clients. They are not afraid to make any mistakes, and if they do, they are always ready to learn from them and bounce back to action.

Adaptable to Pandemic Disruptions

According to Amith, economic slowdown due to the pandemic has impacted consulting practice. Many projects have also been postponed, with scope reductions or cancellations, resulting in a direct impact on the organization’s revenue. To adapt to the post-pandemic situation, the dynamic leader and his team established a variety of work opportunities and strategies.

Furthermore, the demand for technology and cloud consultancy is still high. Consultants with strong hands-on experience will always be in high demand. It’s time for consultants to think outside the box when it comes to solving business problems. A virtual approach that includes experiential learning and sharing will be more effective.

Amith believes that everyone has to live with the pandemic, and that’s why he, along with his team, are building solutions and creating value for clients. By providing customized solutions that best suit the clients’ requirements and engaging them virtually, they are making their clients delight and satisfied. Apart from this, Amith also believes that protection against cybersecurity risks is very crucial because every company doing business online can fall prey to many scams and frauds.

Future Roadmap

For the year 2022, the aim objective of Amith is to identify key clients in the new normal as this impacts the growth and development of the company. Also, the company will be building use cases and delivering value to its clients.

A Message from CEO

For vigorous readers, the extraordinary CEO Amith has given a suggestion. He states, “Accept the new normal – Pandemic. Take necessary precautions. Find a way to add value to the community.

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