Anand Asaithambi: A Game Changer in Modern POS Systems

The unprecedented challenges and in the fight for survival and growth, business leaders are facing the ultimate test of their mettle. The twisters of COVID-19 have struck at the root of the global ecosystem and are structurally altering how one approaches the way of life. These are remarkably challenging times and it is heartening to see how business leaders are constantly evolving and adapting to new challenges.

Such remarkable leader Anand Asaithambi is the CEO of Intuition Systems. He is a mechanical engineer and serial entrepreneur with a specialization in fin-tech, food-tech, and engineering. In 2011, Anand Asiathambi co-founded DosaiAsai Foods, a local restaurant chain in Bangalore with his brother. He and his brother tried to set up a POS system for their restaurants, but could only find expensive, outdated and difficult to use legacy systems. This prompted them to put together their own mobile POS system. Thus, after exiting the restaurant business, he co-founded Intuition Systems.

Anand is skilled in software architecture, robotics, design, UI/UX, product management and marketing. He led Intuition systems from a start-up to a leading POS, billing and business management platform company. He holds a BE in Mechanical Engineering from Anna University. Anand creatively formed Intuition Systems to develop, build, and commercialize the Android-based mPOS billing, payments, and business management systems and is heading towards achieving the mission.

IVEPOS: The Ample Structure for Business

Intuition Systems is India’s leading all-in-one POS, ERP and business management company. The intuitive AI and cloud-enabled IVEPOS product provides and facilitates payments, billing solution, ERP, CRM, and business management solution to restaurant and retail.

Intuition Systems strives to empower entrepreneurs with powerful and easy to use tools that are also affordable. The company prominently provides Point of Sales Software tools to the restaurant and retail businesses. These tools are useful for various purposes such as 1-click billing, accepting payments, inventory management, employee management, customer management, and vendor management. These tools are loaded with more than 80 features for POS and business management and are used by more than 2000 customers across 25+ cities.

“We are in here to stay with our customer for the long haul through ups and downs and be a part of their success story. We keep our customers at the centre of our operations.”

– Anand Asaithambi

Building Expert Team

Anand consider this unprecedented pandemic challenge as an opportunity to learn, improve their products, strategy, and business. He also helps to manage the day to day operations of the company and instrumental in driving the team set and reach product design, product development and product goals. Anand along with his team members, management members and advisors to reach business development, and partnership goals with an objective to help his team continue to grow.

With highly motivated team committed to deliver the best solution possible regardless of the pandemic. Intuition System’s team has the option to work from home. Even during these tough times and decreased retail sales, they did not let anyone go or enforce salary cuts. The company also hired a few new employees. “We used this time to continue our technical learning, organize, and incorporate new tools to increase efficiency of our business”, shares Anand.

Innovating New Technologies

Restaurant and Retail Industry is severely affected by this pandemic. Intuition Systems and its end customers are brick and mortar restaurants and retail stores who closed their operations due to covid-19. This has impacted on their retail software sales as they are not able to help restaurants and retail owners with their software. To cope up with this unprecedented sales decline, many of the retail and restraint shop owners have shifted their operations to online sales and e-commerce for selling their products. In the long-term, there will be an increase in the percentage of business operations and revenue generation shifting to online channels.

Taking step towards future, Intuition Systems thinks the combination of both online and off-line sales channels will help brick and mortar retail stores evolve into an omni-channel based business model post-pandemic. So fin-tech software and payment companies developed an omni-channel POS and Business Management strategy.

Today, the company provides a complete POS/Billing solution for Restaurants and Retails at affordable prices, which requires no internet connection to work. The flagship product of the company, IVEPOS is currently in its eleventh version – IVEPOS-v11, which aids in making payments easier and integrating card acceptance at lowest processing rates. The product is further packed with key features like Artificial Intelligence based inventory and product management, customer relationship management, intelligent reporting, marketing tools, task automation, central control for restaurant, retail chains, integrated card acceptance and much more. The cloud subscriptions further helps to provide intelligent, real-time reporting and analytics, on any device, anytime at nominal monthly charges. Intuition System’s POS/Billing System is precisely crafted for any type of business from retail, to quick serve to restaurants, bars and even hospitals.

The key components of intuition systems

Anand believes to help entrepreneurs and businesses set-up and scale-up using all-in-one easy to use and powerful POS & business management software. He is also ambitious to Empowering businesses. The pandemic has disrupted the way businesses are operated. He developed some unique key milestones including Integrating E-commerce and Omni channel, Point of Sale features, focusing on the product and partnership development with key enterprise partners, Building efficient sales, advertising, and marketing strategy.with Special focus on Tier B and C cities. “This will also pass. Stay focused, continue to learn, and evolve. Things will get better, until then never give up” Anand states.

Their aim is to empower businesses across the spectrum. Anand says, “We are in here to stay with our customer for the long haul through ups and downs and be a part of their success story. We are in this together and this thought process is instilled in our every team member. We keep our customers at the centre of our operations.”

Intuition Systems is focusing on increasing their reach, customer base, customer support network, AI tech and products. The employees of Intuition Systems are stepping up their role to a more leadership and responsible positions aiding the new talents to work on cool technologies and projects. The company’s Technology, Marketing, Sales and Finance departments are recruiting talented engineers, scientists, analysts and managers to reach the milestones.

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