Bhavani Industries: Transforming Manufacturing with Subtle Use of technology


Over the years, rapid industrialization and digitization have resulted in a technical revolution. This technical revolution has fueled the emergence of numerous new technologies across various industries and the manufacturing industry is no stranger to such technological revolutions. In the past few years, Computerized Numeric Control (CNC) machines have emerged as a force to reckon in the manufacturing industry. With advantages like less skill dependency, high accuracy, ability to perform multiple operations, and flexibility, CNC based manufacturing methods are being preferred over traditional manufacturing methods. Presently, the majority of the manufacturing companies are using CNC machines and technology for their manufacturing processes.

Established in 1987, Bhavani Industries is one of the leading and fastest-growing manufacturing companies in India. The company has transformed manufacturing by using the latest technologies keeping in mind the efficiency, quality, productivity, and ergonomic factors. Furthermore, the company has adopted the latest IT technologies for converting old operations to streamline and even automate using the right platforms.

Bhavani Industries is constantly involved with customer’s rights from its product development stage. Our active support and expertise in the development of complex machined parts have helped our customers to drastically reduce the time for the development of their new products.

– Mr. A.J. Hegde

Leading the Competition with Highly Precise Products and Technologies

Bhavani Industries manufactures precision machined components used in Automobile, Aerospace, Medical, Electronics, Communication, and General Engineering Industries. Some of these components are as follows.

• Automotive Industry: Parts of Brakes and clutches, Turbochargers, Fuel injection systems, Fuel pumps and Instruments.

• Aerospace Industry: Civil Aircraft Lighting Parts, Aircraft Accessories Parts, Kits for Auxiliary power system, Helicopter Wiper System etc.

• Medical Industry: Parts for Medical Equipments used in blood transfusion, ophthalmology and Dental.

• Electronics and Telecommunication Industry: High Power Electronic Contacts, Parts for Telecommunication including Antenna Parts.

• General Engineering:Automation parts for Food processing Industry, parts for Power tools, pumps, Hydraulics and pneumatics.

Bhavani Industries has more than 120 CNC machines and a host of Conventional machines, special equipments with AS9100D and IATF 16949: 2016 Certification. Apart from the CNC machines, the company has latest inspection facility like CMM, roundness tester, contour tracer, surface roughness tester and vision measuring systems.

Moreover, it has also introduced value analysis and value engineering in its process and design to achieve cost reduction. Furthermore, the company is looking to strengthen inhouse R&D for efficient development of products along with customer and development of subcontractors into partners to jointly work on the latest technologies. These are the factors that set Bhavani Industries apart from its competitors.

A Visionary Leader with Vast Experience

Bhavani Industries was established in 1987 by a group of engineers. Later in 2001, it was taken over by Mr. A.J. Hegde. He is currently the CEO of Bhavani Industries and has vast experience in manufacturing technology. Having worked with reputed organizations like HMT and CMTI Bangalore, he has been using his expertise to the company’s benefit. As the CEO of the company, his role is to introduce the latest technologies and stay ahead of others. He is responsible for some of the activities such as expansion plans, selection of machinery, software, and key technical people, etc. He maintains constant touch with the customers to ensure that their needs are met. Furthermore, he understands the change in the market and supports existing and new customers in the development of new products. Since taking over as the CEO , he has continuously strengthened the company’s current production technology strength and products to improve its competitive position and unique selling proposition. He has been toiling to achieve the core values and mission of the company.

Striving to Meet the Customer Needs

Bhavani Industries strives for continuous growth and makes sincere attempts to meet the customer needs. Some other core values of the company are transparency with respect to costing, strict business ethics, and honoring the commitments. These core values are helpful for the company to achieve its mission. The mission of Bhavani Industries is to manufacture and supply high precision parts to domestic and international markets using the latest technologies and meet customer’s quality standards and delivery schedules at a competitive price. For that, the company started the ‘Make in India’ program in 2004-05 and exported good quality products to the USA and Europe.

One Shop Total Solution for Engineering Products

Bhavani Industries offers total turnkey solutions to the customers in the manufacture and supply of precision machined components and sub-assemblies. Moreover, with its engineering team, it provides support to the customers in the development of new products. The engineering team has strong knowledge in the manufacturing process, tooling, and selection of the right equipment. This results in providing cost-efficient solutions to the customers. Apart from this, the company’s New Product Development team can make a prototype and develop critical parts for customers. Thus, Bhavani Industries is the one-shop total solution for the development of engineering products in terms of components and subassemblies.

Believing in the Power of Youth

Bhavani Industries believes in fresh minds. Most of its engineers and technicians are recruited fresh from the colleges/institutes and are trained. The average age of the employees is below 30 years. Moreover, the company believes in themes like Skill India. Every year, more than 50 trainees are trained under different programs like NCVT, NEEM, and BOAT. Further, the company co-operates with various educational institutes for student projects and internships to attract young talent.

Future-Proof Technologies and Services

The technologies and services offered by Bhavani Industries are thoroughly future proof. The company uses a flexible CNC manufacturing facility over special purpose and rigid automated machines to easily handle any change in the product profile. Furthermore, the services provided by the company are also future-proof. The marketing team works in coordination with the development team closely monitoring the global changes in technology and adopting the company for new scenarios. Medical Equipment, EV, Electronics, and Telecommunication areas are growing. Thus Bhavani Industries is in search of foreign partners to diversify itself and make new products.

Dominant Forces in the Near Future

With increased privatization, the defense and aerospace sector will see growth. Furthermore, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the manufacturing sector will see major growth in medical equipment manufacturing space. Electronics, Telecommunication, and Electric Vehicles are some of the other sectors which will experience intensified growth. In the case of the manufacturing sector, numerous foreign players from the USA and Europe are expected to enter the Indian market in the near future.

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