Christopher Carter: A Transformational Leader In The SAP Domain


We often think people are born with tremendous natural leadership skills. However, it is just a myth. The genuinely inspirational leaders are the ones who continuously work for self-improvement and motivate others. Their role to inspire other people, make employees work harder, and help them achieve goals makes them top entrepreneurs. One such top entrepreneur is Christopher Carter, the Founder and CEO of Approyo.

Paving The Way Into SAP Domain

Having around 25 years of experience and passion in SAP technology, Christopher began his professional journey through attending the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he studied computer engineering. He worked with SAP and other systems in the college but ended up finding a job in marketing rather than in technology after graduating. Eventually, the inspiring business leader decided that he wanted to be his own boss, and with the increasing success of SAP, he also wanted a piece of it. At that juncture, Christopher went on to open his own business, which unfortunately ended up as a failure. “After deciding to retire early, I heard about the opportunity with SAP’s new in-memory application, SAP HANA, and decided there was an opportunity within Wisconsin to pursue. Thus, came the creation of Approyo,” shares CEO Christopher.

Our mission is to enable customers & partners to unlock the full potential of SAP Cloud Technologies to achieve their business goals.

– Christopher Carter

Today, as the Founder of Approyo, Christopher has numerous responsibilities to perform and handle. This includes finding the right people to hire, finding the right clients, and choosing what services and solutions they wanted to focus on. He also works closely with their customers’ and partners’ executives to plan projects and ensure customer satisfaction. Moreover, Christopher is continuously in contact with his service delivery team, checks-in with his employees in India and Brazil in the morning, and on meetings with the U.S. employees during the afternoon.

A Customer-Centric Company

Incepted in 2013, Approyo provides SAP Solutions as a service to customers and partners around the globe. With its expertise and SAP technology, the company is able to stand up systems, completely transforming the business into their ideal end-goal of innovation and agility. Whether it’s a significant project or continuing support for the systems, the Approyo team helps with everything related to SAP.

As a customer-centric company, Approyo has experience in offering implementations, upgrades, and migrations of R/3 up to the latest SAP S/4HANA. It supports any SAP core competency, including SAP HANA, S/4HANA, Leonardo, Hybris, etc., along with combined services with other ERP cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure or AWS. Approyo’s team also provides 24/7 SAP Basis support, working as an external IT team for its’ clients.

Assembling A Skilled Customer-FacingTeam

An organization’s growth and success depend upon the employees who represent it. Today, Approyo is renowned worldwide because of its employees who are self-motivated, determined, hardworking, and passionate individuals. They completely understand the customers’ needs and always prioritize them. They put their best efforts to ensure the work is done promptly and their customers are satisfied.

Key Milestones

For any organization, key milestones play an essential role in its triumph. Similarly, Christopher has set some goals to achieve this year. This involves helping Approyo’s customers and SAP to survive. In this time of a pandemic, the company’s goal is either to assist them with a $0.00 cash flow savings deal with an arrangement or to help them get through this pandemic with discounted rates. He states, “To help our current and prospective clients by allowing a payment grace period until the end of 2020, freeing up cash flow, allowing them to worry less through these tough times.”

Fighting Pandemic

The pandemic has taken a toll on all businesses in some shape or form. For Christopher and his team, the critical transformation was going virtual rather than in-person. Since most of his team is located remotely, there hasn’t been an enormous change. But, there aren’t as many people in their office in Brookfield.

CEO’s View Point On Pandemic

According to Christopher, he has used this pandemic as an opportunity to grow even more. He noticed that companies are keener to learn about their choices regarding new ERP projects, and are trying to use this “downtime” as the optimal time to experience new projects. He believes that this pandemic will increase these technologies’ value for companies of all industries and sizes across the cloud computing and ERP industry — especially the supply chain industry, where we have seen toilet paper shortages, sanitizer shortages, etc. “With the latest and greatest SAP system as your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, you’re able to streamline the process from manufacturing to product purchase. As such, we expect future growth of SAP and other Managed Service Providers,” discloses Christopher.

Takeaways For Readers

For readers, Christopher asserts that his company is here to help customers through these unprecedented times. SAP can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Not only will Approyo help guide you through your digital transformation journey, but your company will experience great benefits such as advanced data, real-time decision making, and over Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Along with his team, he will make sure that everyone is protected and safe and will support & guide them to a brighter future.

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