Iteanz Technologies India: Enhancing SAP Technology to Simplified Process automation and Integration and Cost-Effective Solutions


Enterprises in today’s extremely competitive and digital world have awakened to the various advantages that integrated systems bring to the table. Focusing on user experience, mobility, analytics and reporting & compliance, SAP has become the ERP of choice for every enterprise that is looking to streamline its processes. To accomplish wide-ranging benefits of ERP, organizations need to partner with competent vendors to ensure successful ERP implementation at lower cost, lesser risk and faster. Specialized in delivering cost effective as well as simplified solutions, Iteanz Technologies India Pvt Ltd, a leading SAP services provider and partner, offers implementation and support services of SAP solutions across all the industry verticals and technology horizons.

Iteanz Technologies is an enterprise software development and implementation company based on SAP Technology as a Partner and Solution Provider with narrow and strengthened focus on Digital Transformation and Automation.

Iteanz Technologies urges readers of InspireZones to adopt to digital transformation in their business and use digital tools such as UPI, PayTM in personal day to day life for contactless transactions and be safe.

– Balamurugan Veeramuthu

Leading SAP Services Provider and Partner focuses on niche technology solutions

Established in Bangalore at 2008, Iteanz Technologies meets business objectives of its clients as well as increases their revenue by means of its motivated, committed and multi-talented team. Its team of HANA and SAP UI5 application developers aims to develop innovative, interactive and user-friendly applications as plug and play solutions for the SAP clients in the cloud. Beyond India, the company plans to expand its reach in Malaysia, Middle East, and USA.

Armed with a balanced practice team with the right mix of industry, functional and technical expertise, working on delivery implementation such as S/4 HANA, SuccessFactors, B/4 HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud, and C/4 HANA for various industries from Manufacturing to Retail, Real Estate, Pharma, Healthcare and Professional Services.

Iteanz Technologies developed automation solutions for Procure2Pay, Order2Cash and DigiSign, a Paperless office automation, for SAP Landscape that bridges the gaps between industrial needs and ease of operations to automation the specific requirements using advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Iteanz Technologies has relevant technical know-how and experience in upgrading SAP applications. The company has a well-defined practice and renders technical, functional and strategic upgrade services. The company’s team of experts offers upgradation practice with a number of steps respectively. It offers analysis and presentation of a comparison chart with a report on necessities and benefits of upgradation. The company executes proof of concept (POC) and offers an optimized upgradation plan. Finally, it ensures that the existing applications are working in line with the upgraded version. It also proposes and activates new features to ensure better RoI.

Balamurugan Veeramuthu (MD & CEO at Iteanz Technologies) develops Business development strategy from Marketing to Sales and Technology to Delivery with balanced operations between Human Resource developments and Go-to Market Offerings for effective Business Growth and Sustainability.

Previously, focused on system setup across the departments and brand building to take the organization to next level, obtained ISO Certification and planned to get CMM level certification to position the organization in a maturity of 12+ years of experience and capitalize the investments for quick rapid growth hack.

Balamurugan also manages continues business review by weekly, monthly and quarterly from achievement vs targets measurements, and bring out learning from success & failures to correct business strategy for effective execution as a chief executive.

Inclusive adoption of Internal & External customer’s feedbacks for a growing business like Iteanz Technologies has registered that this company is group of people as the name says it’eans  (A group of IT professionals working together).

Iteanz Technologies has offered appraisal to everyone even during the pandemic and when many top corporate houses have postponed the appraisal last year. As employee’s safety is the top concerns of the company, offered WFH from last one year and also extended WFH for many employees who has very sensitive group of family members and personal constraints.

He believes the tag line ‘Best Run Businesses Run SAP” has come true with the end-to-end software offerings for all kind of businesses with very strong penetration into each industry business processes and a strong business acquisitions from startups that further strengthens the portfolio of SAP offerings.

Our daily SCRUM and continuous monitoring has helped delivery managers and leads to effectively work and stand by the business commitments to customers, says Balamurugan.

Ultimate goal is to drive myself towards creation of an innovative platform, and a model product based on the platform, that help customers to run their business more automated and intelligent way for tomorrow’s expectations.

– Balamurugan Veeramuthu

Next Phase of Growth

Early-bird approach by continuous learning and proof of concept (PoC) with puts Iteanz Technologies ahead of its competition and takes close to customers when they see what is new and how it could help their businesses to solve their current bottleneck with advanced technology such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Iteanz Technologies has always strategize services with optimized delivery timeline that puts ahead compared to big players as customers expect quick turnaround time for their requirements with support of fast-track processes and specified resources availability.

The recent past, SAP has done a major re-framing of its software technology with addition of its own database, HANA, an in-memory computing database. As almost of the product lines of SAP is modified to suite for HANA, SAP has full-fledged road-map for conversion of all customers installation into HANA based landscape with revised deadline of 2027. 

Iteanz Technologies has always strategize services with optimized delivery timeline that puts ahead compared to big players as customers expect quick turnaround time for their requirements with support of fast-track processes and specified resources availability.

As Iteanz Technologies has innovated a solution for paperless office automation, DigiSign, that has greatly helped over 15 corporates to sign and share business documents such as Customer Invoices and Purchase Orders in this Work From Home (WFH) situation by contributing to digital ecosystem for business management during the critical COVID-19 pandemic.

Also Iteanz Technologies has adopted cloud based business tools such as Microsoft 365 to easily collaborate with employees and customers using Teams that has greatly supported business operations and deliver projects on time.

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