Maninder Singh: A Formidable Force Bridging The Gap Between Data, Business Intelligence, And IT


There’s no denying that having a creative mentality in leadership and developing a creative staff are essential for turning current company obstacles into opportunities and achieving a competitive advantage. Leaders with strong creative abilities and a compelling narrative voice can pervade organizations and unite employees around a shared vision, ensuring that creativity is engrained in cultures and working methods. One such creative leader is Maninder Singh, the Founder and CEO of Manzeera Solutions. Under his leadership, the company achieved success and has developed numerous solutions which helped many businesses.

The Maker of Manzeera Solutions

After more than 15 years in the field of business intelligence and advanced analytics, Maninder decided to start his own company — Manzeera Solutions. This UK-based consultancy specializes in bespoke customer-oriented solutions. The company was formed as a result of his professional path, to resolve several obstacles and frustrations he had met throughout his career, particularly around enhanced modernization and customization in the field of business intelligence. This is especially crucial for small and medium businesses, which make up a large section of Manzeera’s client base. The consultancy company focuses on the issues that diverse organizations encounter at the nexus of data, business intelligence, and IT, and it is Manzeera’s core objective to help customers reach their full potential.

As a true business leader, I keep myself highly adaptable and flexible in my approach.

– Mahinder Singh

Today, as CEO of Manzeera Solutions, the creative CEO doesn’t limit his obligations to the C-site level; instead, Maninder curiously immerses himself in all of the critical activities that necessitate his participation with the company’s other stakeholders, including the employees. This allows him to not only communicate his thoughts and ideas with others across the organization but also enables him to listen to others openly and create opportunities for innovation.

Besides this, Maninder is overseeing the company’s short- and long-term strategy formulation, assessing the company’s risks, mitigating them, and ensuring that they are tracked and minimized, developing and carrying out the company’s vision and mission, establishing short- and long-term objectives and working with other company executives to define the company’s business and corporate strategy. Maninder asserts, “Having a defined and well-structured Hexa-Model for best practices helps me to stay focused on my both short-term and long-term goals besides ensuring to have a robust business model that can undoubtedly sustain during pandemic times like Covid.

The Bespoke Customer-Oriented Offering

Since its inception in 2014, Manzeera Solutions specializes in real-time analytics, combining ERP extraction with the integration of unstructured data. Furthermore, the consultancy created the “Pentagon of Success,” its hallmark best practice model that eventually shows customers their road to success. This approach provides clients with a unique 360-degree coverage, distinguishing Manzeera from its competitors. The company is dedicated to continuously reviewing a market that is on the rise and partnering with the most cutting-edge BI platforms in order to give only the best solutions to its clients.

A Flat Hierarchy Culture

Maninder has developed a flat hierarchy at Manzeera Solutions, where everyone gets to interact with everyone else at some point. He often appreciates, acknowledges, and be open to different disciplines and cultures. This has undoubtedly aided in the organization’s foundational strengthening. This has undeniably helped the organization to strengthen its foundations. The creative CEO, along with his team, diligently practice core values in their day-to-day activities. This represents the organization’s collaborative culture and promotes a healthy working environment.

Furthermore, employees are the most valuable asset in every organization because they play such a crucial role. They are critical in determining the business’s success and defining the company’s KPI. Therefore, Maninder strongly “values them,” “listen to them,” and “be compassionate,” plus he advises other prospective corporate executives and leaders to do the same.

CEO’s Perspective on COVID-19

As every challenge teaches us, no matter how negative the impact can be, even Covid-19 can be seen as an opportunity for businesses, and this is also true for the business intelligence industry in which Manzeera operates,” says Maninder. His company, Manzeera Solutions has responded to the epidemic with increased flexibility and adaptability, which are hallmarks of the consultancy and their working philosophy. The company intended to increase its attention on its client base during the Covid-19 pandemic, so it produced bespoke solutions for any organization’s specific needs. Tailoring solutions is what allows Maninder and his team to turn a disruptive reality like Covid-19 into an opportunity for their clients’ success.

Furthermore, to tackle this pandemic, the priority of Manzeera is to ensure the safety and well-being of the workforce. Therefore, the company is paying closer attention to the geographical concentration of important activities and functions, as well as how to segment them for job transfer to alternate places and sites, from a pandemic planning perspective. Along with this, it invests in technological advancements to support remote work and virtual collaboration capabilities for the workforce across the globe.

Future Roadmap

Under Maninder’s leadership, Manzeera strives to maintain its investments aligned with changes in the industry and its clients’ needs, growing and moving in lockstep with the market. In a fast-growing market, the company is developing a strategy to extend its operations geographically. To stay competitive and reach as many clients as possible to supply services and help them make better business decisions in this fast-growing and changing period, the company is focused primarily on locations where the need for such innovative BI solutions is high. Furthermore, some of the key milestones for the current year 2021 are:

1) Re-evaluate the business model to assure its resilience, scalability, and sustainability in the coming years, especially in light of Covid’s unusual times.

2) Maintain the health and safety of our employees, who are one of our most valuable assets.

3) Continue to give the business’ most remarkable service to both old and new clients while assuring complete customer satisfaction.

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