Marco Oleotto: An Unyielding Optimist Grooming The Laundry Industry


Today’s business leaders face competing challenges and uncharted waters as they continue to navigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. One such exceptional business leader is Marco Oleotto, the CEO of Clean Swift . He stays focused on protecting financial performance during and through the crisis and making hard, fact-based decisions. At the same time, he strives to maintain open and continuous communication with their customers about the effect of COVID-19 on the organization and the execution of emergency measures. This collaboration work strategy has created a trust and ignited developments that describe the “next normal.”

Beginning Of A Passionate Leader

Marco started his professional journey in the laundry and hospitality industry in 2000 after spending several years in the IT & Telecommunication business and field. The passionate leader has always been intrigued by the laundry industry’s world and how it manages to serve its clients. In 2000, he received a proposal to run the operations part from one of the most valuable commercial laundries in the north-east of Italy. This opportunity became a turning point for Marco, and he began his journey in this industry with a lot of passion, energy and no clue.

Today, as a CEO, he is taking Clean Swift to a higher latitude with his strategic thought and expertise. Marco is responsible for the overall success of the business. Right from leading the development of the company’s short- and long-term strategy to create and implement its vision and mission. Furthermore, he maintains awareness of the competitive market landscape, expansion opportunities, and industry developments as well as ensures that the company maintains high corporate social responsibility wherever it does business.

Motivation is an essential part of any workplace, and we in Clean Swift are trying to keep our employees motivated and constantly inspired.

– Marco Oleotto

Delivering Reliable And Quality Services, Combating COVID-19 Challenging

Clean Swift is one of the leading commercial laundries in the UAE and has been the preferred choice of customers because of its reliable and quality services and its professionalism and integrity in doing business. The company is a reference laundry point for several people who like to clean their clothes with its European touch, expertise and tradition. Its customers come from the finest hotels in Dubai and several international fashion brands and stores in the UAE and VIP people. Marco proudly asserts, “We are the laundry of choice for those who pay close attention to the total costs of maintaining fabrics, which is hotel-speak for saying replacement costs matter. For whenever the wear-and-tear on fabrics is accounted for in the equation, Clean Swift provides much more than professional cleaning; we save them money by lowering their replacement costs.”

Under his dynamic leadership, the company has taken vital steps to safeguard workers, ensuring their immediate health and safety, followed by their economic well-being. “We prepare worksites for containment and contamination and ensure the safety of working environments by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting workplaces minimizing unnecessary risk or exposure to employees and customers, evaluating what safeguards can be put in places, such as revised cleaning protocols or personal protective equipment,” shares Marco.

Motivating and Encouraging Team Culture

At Clean Swift, Marco has created a healthy environment where employees are always motivated and engaged. Because of this, his team knows what they are working towards and is aware of the company’s vision and its ultimate goals for business growth. The CEO said “I keep track of teams’ progress and supports them whenever possible. I always maintain communication, listens to their ideas, opinions and feedbacks, which ultimately positively impacts the business”.

Envisioning About Clean Swift Growth

The pandemic has created a barrier for many companies, preventing their growth and expansion. Marco practices his expertise and knowledge gained over the past years to take his company to the next level. The dynamic leader says, “We all know that the seeds of the next company’s great growth are taking root now. While I can’t predict what’s coming with certainty, I can create and develop a plan and then set it into motion.” His masterstroke plan is about over the next few months, devote about 20-30 percent of his time weekly to discover and envision where he wants his organization to be when the crisis passes. Marco believes that this is a critical moment that matters in the relationship with their customers where their needs can shift dramatically during crises such as this one, often from the rational to the emotional, and it is crucial for them to intercept that shift.

Marco’s View Point Of COVID-19 Impact

The outbreak of COVID-19 has contributed to drastic changes in how corporations act and customers behave, and Clean Swift is no exception. Marco believes that the challenges brought forth by the pandemic are mainly related to the health and safety of the workforce, customer demand, and the cash flow of the business. He states, “Clean Swift since the outbreak started lost a huge portion of its business, but despite of it we were able to “get out of the storm,” to manage the crisis, to retain our clients and to maintain our market position and company’s reputation.” In the current setting, all organizational roles are intended to prioritize and maximize expenditures or delay activities that will not offer any benefit. Businesses have imposed an indefinite hiring freeze, and it is challenging to predict its long-term consequences.

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