Mohamed Saieed: A Technology Entrepreneur Gripping Opportunities And Supporting Others


The outbreak of COVID-19 has created numerous challenges for business leaders today. It is now the role of these leaders to ensure that everyone is safe and motivate others to do their best. One such leader is Mohamed Saieed, the CEO of Potensia Systems focusing to deliver customer satisfaction. Mohamed had a keen interest in technology from a very young age. His passion for technology led him to self-learning and pursued a career in this field. Consequently, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications from Swansea University and MBA from Eslasca. “When you’re your own boss, it’s very different from working for someone else—as you’ll be working towards your dream and passion. You’ll be learning something new every day, and it’s not only on the business side but also on the personal side. My daily task is to solve problems, grasping opportunities and support others,” states Mohamed.

Working To Provide A Best Fit Solution

Today, Mohamed administers different operations at Potensia Systems. Having a sales background, he loves to find new opportunities and introduce his company to new partners. Being a morning person, he likes to wake up early and read online newspapers, and then start his daily job. He says that management is taking the massive part of the day following up with all departments and operations progress. He further adds, “Our main goal is to provide the best fit solution to serve the client’s needs and meet his expectations. Working in the technology industry needs a huge effort to be updated with the latest solutions.”

I anticipate that the normal new world strategy will be implemented, and advice to change the mindsets and adapt to the new changes.

– Mohamed Saieed

Offering Bespoke High-End Technology Solutions

Since its inception in 2016, Potensia Systems is able to implement solutions globally and offers bespoke high-end technology solutions for companies around the world. It is a system integrator that designs and deploys industry-specific technology and streamline business operations through the portfolios of solutions, managed services, and consultancy. Its integrated solutions for businesses combine the latest products with its team’s expertise and know-how to deliver excellent clients’ excellent outcomes. These comprehensive solutions include Smart Cities and Data Centers for Government, Smart Solutions, Cyber Security, and ELV systems. The company also helps businesses respond quickly to their technology requirements and build the necessary IT infrastructure to protect people, property, and information. This helps to support the long-term growth of the business.

Building Expert Team

The pandemic is expected to leave the world with many surprising problems, and life after COVID-19 won’t be the same as before. Potensia team’s key challenge is now adapting to the new normal life after COVID 19. In response to this, they are prepared to deliver the best outcomes and walk successfully out of these times of uncertainty. They have changed the logistics, storage, supply chain, buying, and workflow in the midst of crisis to ensure customers’ requirement is fulfilled. “Technology has helped us to serve our clients either on maintaining their business running and providing solutions that could help in identifying un-normal human temperature and sanitizing solutions,” shares Mohamed.

Aiming To Create A Family-Oriented Environment

Potensia Systems team is working remotely in 12 different nationalities. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone has the same degree of emphasis. The versatile leader asserts that it is expected to explicitly recruit a coworker, keeping in mind his/her personality as a coworker at Potensia is not just a colleague but also a family. Moreover, he spends time listening to ideas and advice from ground staff to improvise the ideas. The typical weekend at the company include a brainstorming session, discussion future plans, talking about random things, and supporting each other. “We are humans and having a good relationship with your team; you know their emotions, their moods, their passion, and it makes a team that can do wonders. That’s now Potensia is going globally; we are adapting the fact of moving from a local company based in UAE to global organization handling projects all over the world,” discloses Mohamed.

Innovating New Technologies

Mohamed identified that operating remotely during the pandemic was the best course of action. Although this is the best course of action during the pandemic, it prevents joint initiatives and practicum training opportunities. Together with his team, the passionate leader anticipates that soon enough, the drawbacks of remote working will become more transparent for enterprises, and they will look for ways to smooth disruptions for employees.

Technologies such as VR are gaining popularity because of this pandemic. Companies can be seen introducing technology such as video conferencing among the workers to ensure smooth workflow. A business cannot thrive without people, and it is the leader’s duty to look after their welfare. Mohamed apprehends that COVID has fared to have adverse mental and financial effects, and currently, it is essential to pay attention to the employees and their clients. Thus, he has ensured the highest safety and health standards.

Beginning Of A New Normal Lifestyle

Mohamed believes that good things come to those who are patient and don’t give up. He further shares, “Be ready for adapting the new normal life. Giving time for your personal growth is the key to be developed. Be open to the universe and get ready for the new challenges. Don’t forget to listen carefully to your team and share with them as much as you can.” The outbreak of COVID19 is teaching a lot of us that it is necessary to have family time and team to spend time effectively everywhere. Some businesses are flourishing with such a difficult situation, and some companies are struggling to stay afloat. Some world changes will soon implement a new normal life, where business models will change; the life process will change. Mohamed reveals that people will do business online; they will adapt how to do business meetings online. Life will not be normal soon, everything will be developed, and more solutions will be implemented soon like hologram meetings, which led to massive growth in the tech industry.

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