Mr. Hitesh C Soni: The Astute, Sharp-Witted Leader Solving Clients’ Legal Concerns With World-Class Legal Solutions

Hitesh C Soni

Over the years, India’s legal services have experienced a tremendous shift. The COVID-19 pandemic has played a role in this shift by putting immense pressure on law firms and legal service providers to facilitate remote working and explore virtual ways of delivering legal services. To cater to the needs of their clients, many law firms embraced new technologies, and one such law firm is Hitesh Soni & Associates

Under the exemplary leadership of Mr. Hitesh C Soni, the Founder and Managing Director, Hitesh Soni & Associates has achieved several enviable milestones. Hence now, it is recognized as a global award-winning law firm catering trustworthy and world-class legal services. 

Experiences That Shaped Hitesh’s Entrepreneurial Journey  

Hitesh is now regarded as one of the most prestigious and trusted legal leaders in the industry due to his unique leadership style, candor, efficiency, adaptability, holistic thinking, and ethical behavior in the legal area. Within a year after receiving his B.A. LL.B (Honours) degree, he established his own full-service law firm in Mumbai in 2017. The dynamic leader also represented his clients in litigations before the Indian Supreme Court, the Bombay High Court, and other courts throughout India.

The prominent attorney possesses extensive litigation experience, having defended clients in business, criminal, statutory, and civil litigation, maritime and utility issues, income tax, power and energy, customs, intellectual property rights, excise, and other indirect taxation. Due to his significant contributions to the growth of the law, Hitesh has been honored with the Prestigious Indian Achievers’ Award 2021 and recently awarded with the Global Lex-Falcon Award Dubai 2022. 

Our mission is to transform into a leading law firm in legal services and to deliver reliable, low cost, and impactful legal services to the client across the globe.

– Mr. Hitesh C Soni

A Client-Centric Framework

Hitesh Soni and Associates is famous for its courtroom brilliance, which is based on a strong client-centric framework, mutual ethic, and a strategy-driven and panacea-oriented approach. The award-winning law firm has an active practice in the areas of corporate & commercial; insolvency & bankruptcy; healthcare & hospitality; litigation, arbitration, and dispute resolution; international trade & customs practice; project infrastructure & energy; real estate; immigration and white-collar crimes; service and labor laws; taxation and indirect taxations; and much more.

Assembled A Talented Legal Team 

Creating and nurturing diverse teams can boost the productivity, culture, and morale of a firm. These teams also assist in developing unique ideas and making sound business judgments. At Hitesh Soni & Associates, Hitesh has assembled a legal team which is a diverse team comprised of experienced lawyers who are trained from the law schools all over the globe with minimum to maximum years of legal career under their belt.

Hitesh proudly asserts, “Trained from law schools all over Globe, our legal team is a diverse team comprised of experienced lawyers with min to maximum years of legal career under their belt. Our Legal team is experienced in all legal matters in Indian Law as well as International Law, from settling legal disputes between corporations to assisting in setting up foreign investment companies, our team guarantees not only satisfactory service but provides concrete results.” 

Facing Pandemic Challenges Head-On 

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the global economy. The legal services sector, both globally and in India, has been hit by pandemic-related challenges. Law firms’ strategies had to adjust accordingly as digital transformation became the new normal. While Hitesh and his stellar legal team’s initial goal was to provide a blueprint for tech-driven practice while maintaining the security of their resources, it has subsequently developed into practice. Since the pandemic outbreak, justice has been administered through virtual channels. To overcome this, the leading law firm’s Principal associate Adv. Vaishali H, with her team, aided clients by offering strategic guidance and safeguarding their safety under all circumstances. Furthermore, the award-winning law firm’s operations were hampered during the lockdown’s early phases, but they were later restored. The staff was directed to access the office only when it was absolutely necessary. 

Future Roadmap

Being a client-centric law firm, the primary goal of Hitesh Soni & Associates has always been to provide solution-oriented legal services. However, due to the impact of the COVID 19 restrictions, the courts were only able to operate on a virtual platform for a limited time. As a result, the speed with which litigation matters were resolved was not up to par. Hence, the key milestone set by the leading law firm for 2022 is to work on litigation matters to ensure expeditious relief from the court of Law for its clients. 

A Piece Of Advice 

As the founder of a leading law firm, Hitesh has given much advice. He states, “For law students and lawyers, I am aware of the fact that for lady lawyers, things are challenging but sadly, the legal profession does not recognize the gender, the legal profession demands a different view, who can able to assist the court in whatever position they are into.” 
For young lawyers and law students, the legal profession is like a drug which is not only an expensive one but also at the same time mentally exhausting. however, the challenge is to use this drug in such a manner that works as a medicine for you in the long run and still remains addictive to it.

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