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To become an entrepreneur requires much more than a solid idea and capital to back it up, it requires a person with a disciplined, dignified, and immovable character, who does not back down despite any challenges thrown at him/her,” says Nishir Gordhandas, the CEO of NWDCo Software Solutions LLP. He believes that these are just a few prerequisites for being an entrepreneur but becoming a successful one requires far more. 

Today, Nishir is recognized as one of the most capable and creative CEOs of the year 2021 and has inspired a generation of emerging entrepreneurs. Under his exemplary leadership, NWDCo has been named “Innovator of the Year” for 2021.

A Multi-Faceted Company  

NWDCo specializes in providing best-in-class and services ranging from consulting to custom software development, mobile app development, cloud infrastructure, corporate portal/e-commerce website development, and digital marketing. Nishir and his brother, Maulik Gordhandas (COO), along with their team, have been working on several technologies for the past year and a half to get NWDCo ready for the new Technovation that will need in the post-COVID age. “Here we see companies adopting technology for their daily business processes & to scale up their business,” says CEO Nishir. 

In 2022, the leading cloud solution providing the company plans to broaden its horizons across new geographies. It aims to be the first choice for any business that requires technological innovation, which is why its tagline is Technovating Business.

Our mission is to help clients attain their business goals by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, optimal technology, and innovations to help them Technovates their Business.

– Nishir Gordhandas

Developing New Technology And Solutions 

Nishir and his team have built their latest service, CertCase.io while honing their skill set. CertCase.io is an entirely new offering in futuristic technology — Blockchain. They believe that CertCase.io will transform the way companies do business by establishing confidence and allowing for real-time data transfer while maintaining the highest levels of security.

Not to mention, NWDCo offers a cloud infrastructure solution based on Linux operating system – SauverOS, which was developed by their team and featured in the Digit magazine a few years back. NWDCo team has very tight control over Linux in the cloud, they do R&D, and that is when they have developed their expertise in a variety of cloud solutions such as cloud infrastructure, cloud backup, and so on.

NWDCo has also developed its applications and software using the cloud, such as nVEvents – Cloud Digital Solution, Kveso – Passport scan and automation, Tapesi – Feedback system, and so on. Apart from that, it has created custom software applications based on user needs, all of which are cloud-based. The leading company has its own cloud servers, as well as partnerships with AWS and Microsoft, and helps customers optimize their present servers to save money and get the most out of the resources available, based on their preferences and requirements.

Focusing On High-Quality Products and Services

NWDCo’s strategy is quite straightforward. The idea is to clients with high-quality products and services at a reasonable cost. Assuring that the Projects are delivered on schedule and that Due and seasoned team, the prominent company always makes sure that customers receive quality offerings from their end.

A Work-Life Balance Culture 

Technovate is the motto of NWDCo, which stands for Technology + Innovation. The company has a great work culture where the creative duo pushes employees to think outside the box, plan their deliverables ahead of time, and do simple things like looking out for one another. Another way is that if someone is on leave, they follow a basic rule of not calling or emailing them. They also ensure a healthy working environment for their staff by organizing activities such as @Office, ‘Frrriiii Talks,’ Picnic, and others throughout the year. More importantly, during the COVID-19 epidemic, NWDCo informed its employees that there would be no layoffs or pay cuts and that they would be paid at the beginning of each month.

The Future Of Cloud Industry 

In this industry, there are three primary categories of cloud services: Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), and Software as a service (SaaS). The cloud scale up or down to meet demand on a global scale, allowing organizations and their customers to take advantage of limitless potential. Cloud platforms have grown to the point that they are now a norm for most organizations worldwide. Hybrid, involving multi-cloud + onprim deployments. The future of Cloud computing is a combination of cloud-based software products and on-premises compute, which will help create hybrid IT solutions.

A Piece Of Advice From CEO

Utilize the time at hand to learn a new skill or to see how you as an organization or an individual can function better, define, or redefine processes, as this is the only time you must relook at things & make necessary changes/upgrades. Time will surely change & when things get back to normal, you should be prepared for a boom!”Nishir Gordhandas

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