Vikas Thakur: A Formidable Force Transforming The HR Industry

Vikas Thakur

In this technological epoch, the world has become a global market place. Organizations that want to lead the race in this market need to recruit and form a team of talented professionals. The CEO of Capital Placement ServicesVikas Thakur believes that workplaces are undergoing tremendous changes, and it is our responsibility to echo that change in the HR industry. The HR professionals are expected to make provisions and plan to retain employees, to create productive workspaces for them, and bridge the gap between the management and the employees. Furthermore, he has noticed that these professionals are nowadays faced with newer challenges that go beyond the traditional physical workspace, for example, addressing cyberbullying or aligning the employees’ career goals with the company goals. Through Capital Placement Services, Vikas is helping HR professionals tackle these issues.

Inspiration To Start Journey In The HR Industry

“I was always drawn to the idea of freedom and entrepreneurship. And working closely with people, instead of isolated from them, is an additional perk that I love!” says the versatile leader. What also made him choose recruitment as a career option was the excitement of the positivity he brings to young people, the opportunities it offers him to be innovative in his job and the excitement of continually changing competition, demands from the business, consumer expectations, etc.

We offer our services to ensure that the right candidate is available for the right job, and we take care to match the profiles.

– Vikas Thakur

Today, as the CEO, Vikas’ responsibilities are to supervise their daily operations, outline and implement financial decisions, reduce their time-to-hire, interact with potential clients, and figure out if their visions align to find the most suited clients for them. “I also sustain the structure and processes that bring in the potential candidates, help in their recruitment, screening, and sourcing, and most importantly, I network online and offline with potential candidates to promote our employer’s brand, to ensure we attract the best professionals,” says Vikas.

Detailed Understanding of the Company

Incepted in 2004, Capital Placement Services is one of the most prominent placement services specializing in providing Placement Services, Manpower Recruitment, HR Consultancy, Placement Consultancy, and Staffing Solutions. The company’s mission is to always give its clients a competitive edge over others. To achieve this, it continuously evolves and updates its technology and databases. Having worked with some of the most prestigious employers in the market today, the leading placement service provider understands its clients’ needs in detail, their office culture and expectations. And then, matches it with its candidates to make the transition seamless for both the employer and the employee.

Creating Innovative Solutions In Talent Engagement

Moreover, Capital Placement Services does not believe that its work starts or ends with the hiring itself. It offers a unique replacement guarantee in the event of separation of the employee and the employer at its cost. Vikas asserts, “Cost efficiency and convenience are also advantages that we offer over our competition. We believe that the process of hiring for a job should not be a job unto itself for our clients. And finally, confidentiality. We do everything in our power, from acting as a third party to provide anonymity to having physical interviews on your behalf in our offices, to provide our clients with the confidentiality they need.”

Constructive And Supportive Environment For The Workforce

Capital Placement Services consists of ten member team who work in impressive cohesion. Respect is the core element of its office and team culture. Everyone is treated and respected well. Moreover, the team aims for transparency with and satisfaction of their clients and candidates. “We, as a team, also believe in leading by example in our pursuit of excellence. There is always a sense of fairness in our work,” says CEO Vikas.

Addressing The Pandemic Issues

Presently, COVID-19 has affected every industry & vertical, and the HR industry is no exception. Because of this crisis, all major recruitment drives are halted, and hardly any companies or brands are operating in their optimal ways. Even recruiters of Capital Placement Services are working remotely, off-site. To counter this issue, the company is focusing on new customer growth while meeting the dwindled needs of existing customers. It is also introducing a new job portal for recruitments, training, online skill management, and work from home strategies that are becoming more and more important in the workplaces these days. With his team, Vikas is trying to do so to ensure that their candidates are well prepared to meet the modern demands that the post- COVID-19 offices and employers are going to have.

Roadmap for 2020

The CEO has set three important agenda to achieve this year. First is the employment for 10,000 of their candidates. Second is allying with at least 100 new recruiters. And lastly, investing in newer technologies to keep themselves updated with the business landscape.

Industry Scenario

Over the years, the industry has undergone several changes, as well as the companies’ workplace culture in general. According to Vikas, it is natural that there will also be relevant changes in the HR industry. Most visibly the number and kind of facilities provided to employees are changing. Packages, perks, vacation days are becoming more customized along with things like work-from-home, which were almost unheard of in most jobs until a decade ago are becoming more popular, especially now. Employers are making extra efforts to ensure workers and their talents stay within the organization. He believes that there is a rise in a new trend that has emerged over the last few years i.e., digital job hunt. Employers no longer advertise only in newspapers and job fairs but also look for prospective employees in places like Linkedin, Placement Websites, and even Instagram or Facebook!

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