Anita Srisakulchawla: Designing Spaces With Purpose, Passion, And Personality

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the number of female entrepreneurs in the business world. Women have been breaking barriers and defying the odds to establish themselves as successful business owners. They are bringing a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to the table, disrupting traditional business models and driving growth. Anita Srisakulchawla, Executive Director & Founder of ASC Interior Co. Ltd, is one of the phenomenal female entrepreneurs in the world.

Anita has a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Architecture from Jefferson University, formerly known as Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science. After graduation, she worked at P49 Deesign & Associates, a well-known design business in Thailand, while also studying for an MBA at Bangkok University. During her time at P49, she gained valuable experience and skills from outstanding coworkers and mentors. The remarkable fempreneur decided to go freelance and complete her education after three and a half years of employment.

This is because Anita discovered that she needed to learn more in order to succeed in the Thai design sector. Eventually, she founded her own interior design company, which has been successful for the past twenty years and specializes in mid-range hospitality, commercial, and residential projects. Today, as Founder/CEO of ASC Interior, her key role is understanding clients’ needs and finding the perfect design solution for them. This requires letting go of certain design elements to achieve the desired results. And the most rewarding aspect of her job is turning clients’ dreams into reality.

No Obstacle Is Too Big To Overcome

Like many female entrepreneurs, Anita faced many challenges while building her business. Due to a lack of financing and resources, starting a business in Thailand was difficult for her. But she worked long and hard to establish the company. ASC Interior’s big break came from renovating Dream Bangkok Hotel after being introduced to The Chatwal’s family by her father-in-law. Also, a turning moment for the business was winning two categories in the Asia Property Award competition, which prompted a rebranding and website launch. “Despite challenges, I am constantly inspired by my team, children, and love of technology, and strive to delegate tasks according to individual strengths while promoting growth,” says Anita.

A Multidisciplinary Design Consultancy 

ASC Interior initially offered a package of services including Conceptual, Interior Design, Procurement FF&E, and Graphics design. Over time, it added and diversified these services into various departments in order to provide a broader range of services under ASC Studio, such as Interior Procurement, Turnkey Solutions, and purely Construction. Additionally, the company is brought in by operators to uplift the space and meet brand standards. Furthermore, Anita believes that as a designer, understanding the client’s needs and finding the perfect solution for them is a challenge. To get better overall outcomes, one must thoroughly understand the owner’s vision and the brand’s requirements.

Learning from mistakes and turning them into success stories, at ASC Interior

– Anita Srisakulchawla

Fostering a Positive Workplace Culture

ASC Interior’s positive workplace culture creates a resilient team based on respect, supportive words, and gratification. The company promotes open communication and teamwork by acknowledging its team’s hard work and dedication, which enhances morale and motivation. It also encourages team members to participate in networking events in Thailand and other parts of Asia so they may learn from professionals in their field and better grasp regional design requirements. Furthermore, yearly trips are organized to help team members understand their colleagues better, as restricted time in the office can make interaction challenging.

Creating Harmony Between Work And Life

Balancing personal and professional life requires careful planning and organization, especially when faced with daily challenges such as project blocks and team conflicts,” says Anita. However, she and her team deal with these issues maturely, learning how to manage work stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance. As the company’s Founder and owner, she is available around-the-clock to clients, the team, and family, but she places a high value on not forcing designers to put in extra hours. Anita is grateful for the support of her team, past and present, and her family over the past 18 years. Plus, her team members can distinguish the urgency of each project’s needs, allowing them to enjoy their work while also making time for themselves.

Key Milestones

Under the leadership of Anita, ASC Interior aims to expand its international portfolio by entering Indochina, Middle East & Caribbean while also strengthening its presence in the local market. The remarkable fempreneur’s goal is to establish ASC Interior as a leading interior design company and brand in Thailand.

Founder’s View: Diverse Changes in the Industry

In a variety of industries, including interior design, product design, and fashion, there is an increasing emphasis on organic and sustainable design, according to Anita. Wellness is also a key priority, with individuals placing a high value on self-care and tranquil spaces that foster health and peace of mind, particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic. Along with this, she observed that there is also renewed interest in incorporating traditional design styles. The pandemic has resulted in the creation of multifunctional spaces in hospitality, commercial, and residential contexts, allowing designers to be more versatile in accommodating several forms of usage, from casual to work or social gatherings.

Guidance That’s Worth Following

Being a seasoned and remarkable fempreneur, Anita shares a message for readers, “Staying up-to-date with the latest design trends and technologies is crucial for enhancing design. You can enrich yourself continuously by reading, improving your skills, and maintaining an imaginative mindset. Traveling, even locally, can also help broaden your perspective. Developing a passion for learning and demonstrating persistent curiosity is key. Additionally, gaining a thorough understanding of human behavior across different age groups can help you identify what people value in a room. Finally, being assertive in pursuing your design, standing up for your ideas, and vigorously defending your design choices are essential in creating successful designs.

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