Bernd Steiner: Bringing Authentic, Delicious French Delicacies To Masses


Success stories never fail to inspire. When someone succeeds after starting from the bottom, their inspiring narrative becomes an awe-inspiring tale. Those who create their own success from nothing are the ones who effectively manage life’s hurdles without stopping. A perfect example of an individual starting from little and creating their own success is Bernd Steiner, CEO of La Maison du Pain.

Bernd’s Transformation Journey

If you start a business at a young age, good education and establishing a network seems to be the right things to have. But later, you will find out that your professional way will be embossed by experiences from all your past work over the years. Today, I have the conviction that success occurs if gut feeling meets seniority,” says Bernd.

Certainly, it was not easy at the beginning, and being a novice business owner in the food industry was pretty tough. However, Bernd strives always to be one step ahead of his competitors and anticipate his guests’ expectations and aspirations.

Success may not always bring out the best in individuals, but it has left the passionate leader relatively unaffected by its transformative impact. However, history teaches that unexpected setbacks occur at the most inconvenient times. “If your business or the economic environment are fragile, you must become a troubleshooter. From a personal point of view – I’m always prepared for inconvenient incidence at any time. And if luck meets opportunity, success will happen,” shares Bernd.

There’s nothing better than finishing off a savory meal with a sweet treat.

– Bernd Steiner

Bernd believes that it’s not a sensation of accomplishment; instead, it’s a more subtle feeling. A mixture of gratitude and pride in one’s accomplishments. And he will never forget his early years as a young guy, when he had almost nothing. The bar for excellence was set high, as was the steadfast desire to achieve greatness.

Today, as the CEO of La Maison du Pain, he wants his business to be a unique as well as a complementary concept belonging to all bigger cities in Europe.

La Maison du Pain: The Bakery Heaven

Since its inception in 2011, La Maison du Pain has captivated millions of taste buds with its mesmerizing, authentic French bakery, patisserie, and other delectable treats. It is well-known for its tarts, croissants, macarons, beignets, and éclairs, but it also offers much more than simply bakery products. La Maison du Pain rules not only the hearts but also the tummies, with its products giving a flavour roller coaster with every delicious bite.

In addition to this, La Maison du Pain is a fully certified member of the German Franchise Association and a French-inspired bakery & bistro selling all-day breakfast, patisserie, and other bakery products in Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Hamburg, Main-Taunus- Zentrum, and Braunschweig.

What Makes La Maison du Pain Stand Out?

With its authentic French recipes and an ambiance that transports you directly to the South of France, La Maison du Pain is treating people with an experience of a lifetime. It gives its customers the impression that they are in France. The ambiance is unmistakably French, warm, and inviting, and it’s complemented by the aroma of freshly baked goods and the sound of French Chansons in the background.

Bernd proudly asserts, “Our method was not to chase all trends to attract guests. Our Guests do also not count calories. We foster the French way of life – which we called L’ART DE VIVRE – it is knowledge of how to enjoy life and take time to appreciate the beauty and good taste in things and enjoy the butteriest French croissant you can ever eat.

If you reach the peak of the mountain top, make sure that you descend the peak as soon as possible. If you stay too long – either you freeze to dead or go crazy.

– Bernd Steiner

Stay Ahead By Innovating And Experimenting With Flavours

The brand name La Maison du Pain translates to “House of Bread.” This implies that it is dedicated to dishes with bread as a component like Tartines, Flammkuchen, Quiches, and more. In addition, the bakery and patisserie offer delectable treats from all across France.

Being in the food business for a decade, La Maison du Pain knows that its tenure and success cannot be taken for granted. This drives the French-inspired bakery & bistro to constantly innovate, experiment with flavours, and expand its menu, providing clients with not just new products but also new experiences. As a result of this, La Maison du Pain has been able to build itself as a brand that people can relate to. Its products are on the tip of people’s tongues and are the first choice when they want to go out and have a good time.

One-Of-A-Kind Business Model

La Maison du Pain is a one-of-a-kind business model with an authentic French bakery and bistro concept that has been developed and tested over many years. Bernd has witnessed that aside from being challenging, the food industry is unpredictable, where your days-old competitors have the ability to outshine you. People are no longer emotionally attached to brands, and the quality of your cuisine and innovation are all that matter now. When people get tired of eating the same thing, they begin looking for something new and better. Though this shift in thinking is concerning, it also presents a chance to offer them something new and keep them attached to your products.

This is where Bernd’s La Maison du Pain comes into the picture by introducing new and better products without letting the quality of its old products getting hampered.

LA MAISON DU PAIN is the result of a love affair between a Franchisor and France.

– Bernd Steiner

A Great Franchise Opportunity

After establishing itself as a well-known brand, La Maison du Pain started giving franchises. It wasn’t a stroll in the park despite becoming a successful brand. One of its partners attempted to mimic its business models and failed spectacularly. This was, without a doubt, a bad experience for La Maison du Pain.

Bernd states that even though there is a complex system at work behind the scenes, it is a people business, with guests looking for a place to stay. For instance, La Maison du Pain is constantly striving to introduce new and delectable items while maintaining the quality of its existing products. Plus, the importance of packaging cannot be overstated.

Now, La Maison du Pain is a successful brand that is eager to share its success. It invites individuals to quit wasting time on trial and error and instead apply its system, which will boost their chances of success and allow them to live the life they desire. La Maison du Pain is not just a market leader, but also an industry leader in the making, thanks to a structured system that is solely focused on making its franchise a success.

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