Gagan Arora: A Trendsetter In The Business And Technology World

In today’s ever-changing business and cultural environment, the importance of creativity in leadership is critical to any organization’s survival. Creative leaders can see things in different ways and solve challenges by seeing things that others don’t. These are the leaders who try to navigate – and even profit from – the unpredictability of their environment. One such creative leader is Mr. Gagan AroraCEO at Vertex Global Services. Due to his unique leadership, solution-oriented approach, out of the box thinking, he has achieved various feats and has taken Vertex Global Services to new heights. 

The Journey From Torchbearer To Vertex CEO

Mr. Arora’s entrepreneurial journey has been inspiring, which started from being a torchbearer to an entrepreneur and now to a leader. After nearly two decades of leading different departments and working with various brands, the dynamic leader resigned his corporate job and founded Vertex Global Services with only two people in a small garage in Florida. His main motivation for establishing Vertex Global Services was to provide companies with passionate and dedicated services. Mr. Arora wanted to use technology to shift the dynamics of market and do something on a larger scale.

Today, under his leadership, Vertex has expanded operations in the USA, UK, INDIA, PHILLIPNESS & NEPAL with 700+ employees in just four years. With an instinct of being solution-oriented, thinking out of the box, and focused hard worker, he was honoured as CEO of the year 2020. Mr. Arora firmly believes in investing in the talent, technology and innovation that needed to thrive in an evolving business landscape. He was recently appointed as the

We have heavily invested in our employees and firmly believe our employees are the lifeblood carrying our culture implying our business growth forward.

– Gagan Arora

Director of International Education Committee for AACC & Chairman- Foreign Investors Council Delhi (FIC)

  • Deployed Chatbot for one of the leading ecommerce clients which handles 5000 chats per day and saves      more than $10mn overall.
  • Deployed smart IVR for one of the major telecom providers which resulted in saving $1mn with their CSAT      score up by 2 percent.
  • Awarded for the best talent acquisition practices and most innovational operating standards
  • Vertex is Awarded for the best start-up of the year under the leadership
  • Seized revenue growth of the company by 100% year on year
  • Featured under 40 under 40 as the most influential Indian 2020-21 by CNBC & Asia One
  • Recognized By IPCC for his Spirit of Entrepreneurship and Global Operations
  • Certified by Great Manager institute & Forbes
  • 2 Major Acquisitions during testing times of pandemic – “ACE and Digital P”

Vertex Global’s Industry-Leading And Differentiated Solutions 

Vertex is an innovation-driven company whose primary goal is to bring all end-to-end functions under one roof. The company offers cutting-edge solutions to businesses so that they can improve their success by leveraging its knowledge.

Managed Services: Vertex perceives companies right away and assesses the need, conducts in-depth analysis while keeping potential needs in mind, and then develops a consistent product with the company’s business process while keeping costs down. It has used various cutting-edge technologies and creative models to assist its clients in maintaining and expanding their product lines.

HRO: Under this service, the company extends across the gap between the demand and supply of personnel through its innovatory recruiting process for companies on a temporary or permanent basis to augment the latitudes of the company. It provides a rapidly boot-up stalwart team to carry operations more swiftly and optimally, from maintaining an efficient payroll cycle for the businesses where the CEO Mr. Arora and his team carefully handle their wage slips to attendance and tax generation.

Performance Marketing: Its Performance Marketing robe underpins various services like leads generation, customer services, query handling, social campaign, and help desk services, but it also promises an elite set of commitment, high performance, seamless implementation, and strong digital expertise in results.

Artificial Intelligence: Through a call to chat, Smart IVR, Chatbots, and Machine learning, Vertex provides AI services to its customers, allowing them to build a cognitive center of excellence.

E-Learning Vertex Digital Academy (VDA):  The leading company has created VDA, an e-learning platform and a global interactive community of learners and coaches for a worthwhile exchange of knowledge and skill-based learning across the nation. A stage for everyone; learners, professionals, and businesses to learn, earn and upskill.

BPM: The leading company is a global leader in next-generation business process management services providing higher operational flexibility. It has extensive experience in various sectors and works with Fortune Global 500 companies, and helps them transform the way they operate to scale agile.

We apply deep excellence to digitally transform your needs solve the toughest problems.

– Gagan Arora

The Unmatched Leadership

As time changes, so does the responsibilities of the CEO. Mr. Arora’s responsibilities as a CEO are not only restricted to the growth and profits of the company but an array of responsibilities. This entitles appetite for risk, ability to seek opportunities, operational efficiency, including any safety issues, ability to lead in a crisis, such as a recession or pandemic. Furthermore, as a diligent leader, he has a commitment to teamwork, inspiring the workforce, winning shareholders’ esteem, and connecting with stakeholders and the vaster community. All these qualities and rich experiences have made Mr. Arora stand out from the rest of the leaders. Consequently, he recently got appointed as the Director of International Education Committee for AACC & Chairman- Foreign Investors Council Delhi (FIC).

Mr. Arora’s View On Pandemic, Creating New Opportunities

The pandemic threatened many sectors, but widespread enthusiasm for digital technologies compelled companies to shift to a more robust digital environment in order to expand and innovate while supporting workers across industries and around the globe. Various business leaders across the globe have to make adjustments and had to do that sooner. They have risen to various unique challenges and tackle them with their innovation and creativity. Similarly, the CEO Mr. Arora has opened up more opportunities for differently abled people and BPO industries. Because of his innovation, creativity, and rich experience, he created an opportunity for organizations to create a future-proof, inclusive workplace for people with disabilities.

As a result, Vertex now provides a platform to such especially- abled people with Vertex Digital Academy so that they can upskill themselves for the ever-changing industry landscape. The company has also introduced a growth strategy with Vertex BPO to increase its market share. Furthermore, it has extended its core into Nepal and other neighbouring countries to upskill the youth through its Train and Deploy agenda, which focuses on equipping people with the exact skill set that companies need.

Assembling A Dream Team

One of the secret ingredients behind the success of an organization is employees’ dedication and hard work. At Vertex, people’s centricity has always taken centre stage. The company is built on resilience that succeeds and thrives. Its culture is moving towards becoming a “Dream Team,” which means being more agile and adapting practices. Cooperation, compassion, where workers are trusted and encouraged to lead projects, and where they collaborate rather than work in silos. The CEO Mr. Arora proudly asserts, “I believe, engaged culture is more aligned and fuels motivation to justice the company’s goals. And for that being said, to motivate our people, we redefined the HR system of our company as ‘Employee Care,’ ‘Talent Acquisition,’ & ‘Talent Excellence.’ A laid-out working system combined with a transparent structure of communication and teamwork. Through our best practices, we have been rated as “Best Place to Work In India” by the Best Place to Work ® Institute by attaining 92% in employee satisfaction score.” 

Milestones Achieved by Vertex  

Our catchword is to innovate, design, and transform to become malleable and susceptible to new challenges’ and exceed those challenges with flair and flamboyance,” says CEO Mr. Arora. 

The creative leader firmly believes that growth is an integral part of Vertex. This means offering consistent deliverables to consumers with a continuous process where both employees and employers put their efforts in order to create a conducive environment. Developing a growth strategy entails breaking into new markets and segments, allowing the company to reach new heights.

Because of his proactive leadership, Vertex ventured into the e-learning sector, with Vertex Digital Academy, which is the second-largest after the US and is predicted to grow by 15.64 percent and increased by $48 billion by 2020. Moving forward, the seasoned leader, along with his skilled team, will resource their strengths to reinstate the services that ensure the quality of human lives through reskilling people with disabilities and providing them with job opportunities.

Addressing COVID-19 Problems

As mentioned earlier, the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has affected both human lives and business. The CEO Mr. Arora believes that innovation is indispensable for survival, and supervising essential knowledge is mandated for innovation. Budgets are expected to rise in the post-COVID business world, while digitization is expected to expand in waves. Effectively using technology and digital to accelerate business growth as the world recovers from the pandemic has been a challenge for enterprising organizations, but he believes it is now an absolute opportunity, particularly for BPOs. Work from home was seen as an opportunity by the sector, which had a long way to go in making India the world’s tech hub by leveraging its innovation capabilities and expanding talent opportunities.

The creative leader opines, “In order to sustain forward, we have always followed our 4-sword approach: To be responsible, responsive, resilient, and ethical. Responsible means delivering high-quality services to our clients. Responsive means conceding rapidly to unexpected circumstances. Resilient means being agile towards new disruptions and skills. Ethical means being socially and environmentally accountable.” 

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