Jordan Meinster: A Passionate Leader Offering Basketball Focused-Fitness Experience to Youths and Adults

Jordan Meinster

The fitness industry is a rapidly expanding one, and it is a lucrative professional path that enables aspiring business owners to participate in this developing sector. It has not only provided a platform for entrepreneurs to see their goals become a reality, but it has also provided them with the opportunity to make people healthier. 

PickUp USA Fitness, headed by CEO and Founder Jordan Meinster, is a company that is renowned when it comes to comprehensive fitness solutions and a promising business future. Under the exemplary leadership of Jordan, the gym has grown exponentially. 

Recalling the past, Jordan says, “PickUp basketball has always been one of my favorite activities. When I was in college, I first thought of the idea of a basketball gym that would have organized and officiated games of PickUp basketball.”

The frustrations he felt playing basketball at gyms, recreation centres, and parks served as the foundation for his idea. He usually had a great time playing, but it was disorganized and inefficient. His solution was to set up a gym with two referees officiating the games and keeping score, along with a staff member who would organize the teams and the games. It would be like PickUp basketball, but way better!

We’re fortunate to have a dedicated, focused team on the corporate side that has helped us go from a single-location gym to a national gym chain.

– Jordan Meinster

A Full-Service, Basketball-Focused Gym Concept

PickUp USA Fitness is a full-service, basketball-focused gym concept, and it is currently the largest and most rapidly expanding basketball gym concept in the United States. The services offered can be broken into two categories: Youth Programs And Adult Programs. 

The prominent gym provides a comprehensive range of basketball training for its youth programs, as well as recreational and competitive basketball games and leagues. It is known across the country as the premium brand for youth hoopers. Its top-tier trainers, world-class facilities, and superior programming all contributed to its achievement of this recognition.

Some of our youth customers participate in our programs just to have fun, stay in shape, make friends, and improve their skills. Many of our participants are looking to develop their skills and level up their game. Our gyms are filled with nationally ranked high school players, D1 athletes, and NBA players, so we’ve developed a reputation for being the go-to spot for youth basketball skill development,” says Jorden. 

On the other hand, PickUp USA Fitness offers a one-stop shop for basketball and fitness for our adult customers. The clubs are equipped with complete fitness centres that include cardio, cable machines, and free weights. Its adult members can now enjoy a unique basketball experience in addition to all the conveniences of a standard gym.

Jordan proudly asserts, “For adults, our basketball programs are unmatched. We offer daily sessions of PickUp basketball with referees, which are ten-minute games that are officiated by two referees and organized by a staff member. Members get to track their wins and compete against others at their clubs and clubs around the country. It’s an amazing basketball experience.”

He further adds, “We also offer member tournaments. These tournaments are one-night showcases and often include cash prizes. The tournaments bring out some of the best competition in the area and provide an electric atmosphere for all participants and spectators.

Furthermore, many of its adult members also buy sessions on its Dr. Dish shooting equipment, which lets them fire 200 rounds in ten minutes while keeping score and monitoring their development. Hence, PickUp USA is the best location for hoopers of all ages and abilities to train and compete.

Happy franchise owners equates to a healthy franchise system, and franchise owners are happy when they are making money.

– Jordan Meinster

Assembled A Solid Team, Prime Focus on Corporate Stores

Our corporate team has a lot of responsibilities. We run multiple corporate locations and oversee the entire franchise system,” says Jordan. “For running the corporate locations, our marketing and operations team take the lead on that. We are headquartered in California, and we manage some of the corporate stores remotely. This takes diligence and discipline, and we are checking in with the store managers frequently to ensure that they are delivering on our brand expectations and hitting their performance targets.

The corporate stores are the standard-bearers for the entire system. While each site is significant, the corporate stores are given particular attention to set the bar high for other PickUp USA Fitness locations by maintaining a 100 percent performance record. The management teams at the corporate offices have undergone extensive training and development, and they now oversee most daily operations. They also assist with marketing, hiring, and bookkeeping so that managers can focus on supervising personnel, taking care of customers, and growing their clubs.

Talented Individuals of PickUp USA Fitness

As the CEO of PickUp USA Fitness, Jordan has a lot of responsibilities and it is not easy to oversee every location, personally. However, his team does a great job of keeping these clubs running efficiently. Without the support of his team and colleagues, the PickUp USA Fitness wouldn’t have reached where it is positioned today. 

Under the guidance and leadership of Grace Ronquillo (Director of Franchise Development), Gary Mazakian (VP of Franchise Development), Paolo Ontalan (VP of Operations), and Aaron Magno (VP of Marketing), the gym assists franchise owners right from planning, legal procedures to acquire locations, loans, and much more. These individuals use their expertise and knowledge to help franchise owners build a franchise of PickUp USA Fitness in their preferred locations and overcome any challenges.

Everything we do as a brand is about taking care of the customers.

– Jordan Meinster

Future Road Map:

According to Jordan, the key goal for 2022 is to “beat last year,” which means that his clubs outperform their metrics from the previous year, and the future appears to be quite promising.

Hence, he anticipates having 40 clubs open or under construction by the end of 2023 as PickUp USA continues to increase its footprint. Undoubtedly, it will continue to place a strong emphasis on unit-level economics to maximize each club’s profits.

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