Kelly Bagla: An International Award-Winning Corporate Attorney Simplifying Business Law For Entrepreneurs

Kelly Bagla

Starting a business is not a walk in the park. Entrepreneurs have to face various challenges when they are in charge of a business, including managing the team, staying current with industry requirements, hiring the right people for the right jobs, and so on. Along with this, overcoming the strict legal requirements is also a considerable challenge. This is where business lawyers come into the picture, as they keep businesses running and growing by overseeing their legal affairs, creating value, and providing a very necessary service.

Kelly Bagla, Esq. (Founder/CEO of Bagla Law Firm, APC.) is one of the most prestigious & trusted legal leaders and a dynamic business attorney dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs in starting, running, and growing their businesses with the appropriate legal frameworks and contracts. Apart from being an international award-winning business attorney, she is also a best-selling author, inventor, speaker, podcast host (get the Go Legal Yourself App – it’s free), powerful woman, and more. Her innovative ideology and methods also helped her company achieve numerous benchmarks in its pathway. 

No matter what business structure is ultimately the best for your venture, it’s essential that everything is done legally, and meticulously by the book.

– Kelly Bagla

The Entrepreneurial Journey of Kelly Bagla 

Kelly’s interest in helping entrepreneurs flourish stems from her own experience as a business owner. After completing her education, she started her legal career at one of the most prestigious international law firms in the world. By 2009, she had concluded that launching her own business would allow her to focus more on her passion: assisting businesses in the United States to succeed. 

Sharing anecdotes from her professional journey, Kelly says, “I love helping international entrepreneurs establish a presence in the U.S..I work with entrepreneurs and investors abroad to properly set up legal entities in the United States. Whether they are launching a new business, or want to open a subsidiary here, I can help. The laws in this country are complex, and it is important that those who want to establish businesses here do so legally and properly. The United States is a highly litigious country, and failure to properly protect yourself can result in lawsuits, and loss of assets. That’s why it’s vital to structure everything properly from the outset.”  This is why she wrote a short e-book explaining the U.S. legal system and the process for foreign based businesses looking to do business in the USA. 

The entrepreneurial journey of this dynamic business attorney has not been a bed of roses. Watching her father become a business owner taught Kelly to be prepared to work incredibly hard as an entrepreneur, which she continues to do each day. Reminiscing about her past, Kelly shares, “I watched my father in England work in a factory for years, saving and strategizing the entire time. Ultimately, he was able to buy the factory he worked in, which was incredibly impactful. I saw the hard work he put in, and the sense of pride he had in becoming a business owner. I knew I not only wanted to do the same, but I wanted to help others experience that sense of accomplishment, and independence.

Continuing Kelly says, “The desire to protect and aid those brave enough to dream big is what motivates me. Whether it’s through my work as legal advisor to incoming companies, or when I’m writing a book to tell people how to protect themselves when setting up new ventures, or hosting a podcast (Go Legal Yourself Podcast) aimed at educating all entrepreneurs. Everything I have done is to help others achieve their own version of the American Dream.

If you don’t take the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and the blessings around you, then there’s no point in working so hard

– Kelly Bagla

Leading Bagla Law Firm Towards A Bright Future

Corporate Attorney Kelly Bagla says she has never ceased taking advantage of every chance to learn from successful business owners who have come before her in order to expand her law firm and subsequent businesses. “I listen to a lot of audible books while I’m working out or walking my dogs. I am always looking for inspiration, and looking for ways to improve,” Kelly says. She attributes books like Birth of a Brand, by Brian Smith, Founder of Ugg® Boots, Secrets of Closing the Sale, by Zig Ziglar, and Grant Cardone’s Secrets of Selling as being particularly helpful in growing her businesses. 

Kelly is also early in the office, ready to fulfill the needs of international clients in various time zones. She also makes it a point to network a little every day, as she recognizes the importance of staying connected and involved in her community and industry as a business owner. To sum it up, her diligence has paid off. 

Bagla Law Firm has been selected as the Best International M&A Law Firm by Acquisition International and is also the winner of the Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021 by Corporate Live Wire. Not surprisingly, Kelly has been given the title “Queen of Business Law®” from clients who love working with her. Kelly was named Businesswoman of the Year by the San Diego Business Journal. She was also named the “Powerful Woman Entrepreneur” by LA DREAMS Inspiration Awards. She’s been featured on all the San Diego news outlets, along with appearances on national news programs.

A Trustworthy Law Firm For International Clients  

As the Founder of a leading law firm, Kelly’s roster of clients includes domestic and international entrepreneurs, investors, and CEOs who are in all stages of business. Her international clients are innovators and investors from a wide array of industries, ranging from digital entertainment to cyber security to healthcare products.

Talking about the clientele, she explains, “My international clients, in particular, trust Bagla Law Firm because I’m an immigrant myself. I came to the U.S. for many of the same reasons that everyone wants to come here – to live the American Dream – and I’m doing it. The possibilities for business owners are endless. I became a business owner after learning from some of the most brilliant business attorneys on the planet. In launching my own firm, I experienced the unique challenges of setting up a U.S.-based business, which can be complicated. This first-hand experience has helped, as my international clients know that I’ve personally done this myself for multiple businesses I own.

Grab the world by the pearls, it’s yours for the taking!

– Kelly Bagla

A Piece Of Advice From The Queen Of Business Law  

As the Queen of Business Law®, Kelly offers her advice to those looking to launch a company in the U.S. “You must believe in your product,” she says. “If you don’t, nobody else will.” Moreover, she advises international and domestic entrepreneurs to take the time to build a solid foundation. 

She further explains, “You need to structure your business properly from the start. There are a lot of new innovative business structures that are designed for companies that want to give back to the community through civic initiatives and incentives. Some of these business structures make a lot of sense for new businesses, as they are a great way to immerse yourself in the community, all the while ensuring you have the protections that proper business structuring affords.

Kelly says her favorite quote that she has lived by is “Why blend in when you were born to stand out.” – Guru Granth Sahib 

Noteworthy Achievements

Kelly has authored four books: Go Legal Yourself (First Edition), Go Own Yourself, Doing Business In the United States, and Go Legal Yourself (Second Edition). She has been interviewed by prestigious publications such as Investors Digest, California Business Journal, SDVoyager, and StarCentral, to name a few, for her achievement, innovation, and determination in helping entrepreneurs start successful businesses. 

She has been honored with numerous accolades and awards such as being selected as the Top Lawyer by Marquis Who’s Who, selected Attorney of the Month by San Diego Attorney Journal, winner of 2020, 2021, and 2022 Lawyers of Distinction, won Best of 2020 Oceanside Business Services award, winner of 2020 Legal Awards for Best International M&A Law Firm USA and Corporate Attorney of the Year, California, by Acquisition International, 2021 award winner of Business Legal Professional of the Year USA by Corporate Live Wire, and inducted into the Business Hall of Fame for three years in a row. Kelly has been a Judge on Everyday Edisons Emmy award-winning TV show. 

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