Timothy R. McAuley : A Renowned Environmental Leader In The Professional Environmental Consulting Services Industry

Environmental consulting may appear to be a time-consuming investment that is not necessary, but it is actually a procedure that will help your company and is essential to protecting both the environment and human health. It is about promoting promotes environmental awareness in a corporate setting and motivating organizations and developers to actively manage the impact their business has on the environment. Environmental consultations are also excellent at raising awareness in the workplace or the community. They offer their clients specialized evaluation and consulting services on matters related to the management of environmental issues. By doing so, these professionals significantly lessen the damaging effects that commercial, industrial, and government initiatives have on the environment.

Furthermore, environmental consultations assist businesses in understanding the effects of their actions and putting sustainable waste management plans into practice. These consultants ensure that industry standards are fulfilled, and businesses preserve the environment and human health by delivering effective management plans to businesses and contaminated site owners. CHANGE Environmental, founded by Timothy R. McAuley, MS, Ph.D. (Founder and CEO), has become known for consistently providing professional expert air quality and human health consulting. The company has seen incredible progress and success with Dr. McAuley at the helm.

Experiences That Shaped The Entrepreneurial Journey  

Dr. McAuley is a well-known environmental leader, winner of numerous awards, and acknowledged authority in a number of environmental disciplines. He is a highly regarded and recognized expert in the fields of risk assessment, human health exposure, and air quality. He has directed, managed, and consulted on various domestic and international environmental consulting and research studies, and has been invited to make several keynote addresses, and has established himself as a global resource for environmental forward-thinking.

Dr. McAuley spent four years in the United States Navy, and upon an honorable discharge, he attended The College of Saint Rose from 1997-2000. Here the seasoned leader earned a BS degree in Biochemistry. He then was accepted to Clarkson University, where Dr. McAuley completed a Master’s Degree in Chemistry in 2003, followed by a Doctorate of Philosophy in Environmental Science and Engineering in 2006.

“The journey has been amazing and continues to better through the increased relationships and projects we are involved in that bring order through strategy and professionalism to our clients. The title is not my inspiration, but seeing the impact of the work we do and making a difference is the greatest factor,” says Dr. McAuley.

At the core of our world issues, today understanding sustainable approaches to environmental consciousness is the heart of any great environmental consulting company.

– Timothy R. McAuley

Today, as the Founder and CEO, he is responsible for attending, managing, and developing new client relationships across the various markets of services that his company provides. He is also responsible for ensuring that each engagement is carried out precisely as to the wishes of the client in the budget provided and the time frame expected. With this, the environmental leader ensures his full team also carries the same understanding for each of their client engagements.

An Internationally Renowned And Respected Environmental Health Consulting Company

CHANGE Environmental was established with a mission, “to create a sustainable path that is inline and correlated with our company core values of professionalism, accountability, transparency, and honesty.” The company provides high level technical and professional environmental leadership and consulting expertise to its clients across several environmental markets. This consulting expertise includes the following:

Our services include a wide array of specialized areas that deliver cutting-edge solutions to various technical issues while forming strategic relationships with our clients.

– Timothy R. McAuley

  • Air Quality Environmental Compliance & Consulting
  • Local, State & Federal Environmental Compliance & Consulting
  • Acoustics Engineering for Environmental Compliance
  • Environmental Engineering Compliance & Consulting
  • Environmental Epidemiology
  • Renewables & Energy Consulting
  • Resiliency & Risk Aversion Environmental Consulting
  • Sustainability & Climate Change Consulting
  • Environmental Expert Witness Support Services

Motivated Team Members

The success of a company depends on teamwork. Each person is unique in their gifts, talents, and skills, and sharing them for a shared goal and bringing them to the table can give businesses a significant competitive advantage. According to Dr. McAuley, his staff is constantly motivated because they see how crucial it is to be flexible, collaborate with each of their clients to find solutions for them, and do all of this while maintaining a happy and proactive attitude. Dr. McAuley believes in strong core values as a culture, and these values are to be at the forefront of every relationship, including incorporating their core values into each individual in the organization and making it part of their core beliefs. This has yielded a very consistent structure of positive motivation and performance.

Balance Personal And Professional Life

There is never a perfect balance of personal and professional life, according to Dr. McAuley. He believes that as you grow as a leader, it is vital to understand how to create a plan for allocating time for both personal and professional growth, which can sometimes occur concurrently. Over time, and knowing the difference between needs and wants in both areas, proper balance can be understood and applied accordingly.

Opportunities And Changes In Industry

Being an environmental leader, Dr. McAuley states that although it is obvious that markets can change, their client’s needs and those of his team are frequently quite in accordance with shifting markets. He doesn’t spend a lot of time worrying or planning their market-based plans because doing so frequently leads to inaccurate predictions about actual market conditions and strategy.

Key Milestones

Milestones are an essential part of business planning. You can use them to envision the future of your business and track your success as you go. Dr. McAuley has set vital milestones, which are to continue to develop and manage the ongoing portfolio of needs from their clients and to continue to make a difference as a company.

I’ve always believed that some of the core responsibilities of an entrepreneur are to set the beliefs and values and not wave from those.

– Timothy R. McAuley

Words of Wisdom

Being a prominent environmental leader, winner of numerous awards, and key industry player in various environmental disciplines, Dr. McAuley pieces of advice, “Live everyday and do what you can to make a difference and understand that the path you leave behind is one day going to be the path you may have to travel down. Follow your heart, stick to your core values and trust in everything that you do for yourself, your family, friend, and all those in your life.”

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