TEKROI: Building Bespoke And Trustworthy Intelligent Enterprise Solutions


Irrespective of size and type, the digital revolution’s ongoing wave has profoundly influenced many enterprises, even as businesses seek to step up their game and stay ahead of the race. One such company that is leveraging these waves and, at the same time, creating new waves of innovative solutions for enterprises is TEKROI

Under the leadership of Venkata Siva Reddy (Founder and CEO), the company gained fame and established its substantial presence in the industry. Having 8+ years of experience as an Entrepreneur and 15+ Years of experience on technology consulting, the visionary leader is steering TEKROI towards a bright future. He works high-leverage activities, not stuck doing admin stuff. He believes in spending time on growth, not putting out fires every day. This sets Siva Reddy apart from other entrepreneurs in this industry. 

Constantly Working To Grow An Ecosystem For Innovation

TEKROI is a pioneer in enabling next-generation digital innovations, services, and consulting. The company has carved out a niche for itself by combining futuristic thinking with more than a decade of experience in providing coherent, high-quality services. It also assists enterprises in identifying the appropriate SAP tools and strategies as per their needs. The company builds things that accelerate business as a whole, thoughtfully designed to deliver on every level by bridging strategy to execution to all the operational pieces.

Moreover, TEKROI specializes in enterprise software implementation and customization for managing business operations and customer relationships. The SAP solution providing company is far more than consultants, and it helps customers on their requirements and digital journey.

For TEKROI, each customer is unique and special. The company not only sells Licenses, implements, and customizes SAP Business ByDesign & SAP Business One but also addresses customers’ day-to-day challenges by applying Design Thinking and Innovative Technologies. Furthermore, it believes that cloud and innovations are next big in SAP Industry and views itself in enabling Intelligent Enterprises.

We align every aspect of your operations to the needs of next-generation consumers – from product development to retail.

– Venkata Siva Reddy

Core Values of TEKROI

It was never easy for TEKROI to compete in this industry. However, its sharp focus on five values —  constantly push boundaries, be humble, win by empowering people, integrity in all circumstances, solve problems pragmatically, has helped it emerge as a pioneer in the competitive market. These core values drive the mission and vision of the company and aid in delivering the world-class enterprise solutions.

The Four Basic Principles

The main reason behind the success of TEKROI is the four basic principles are: built for impact, passion for the craft, humble does it, and speed to market. These principles help the company to deliver the best-in-the-class solutions which are tailored made as per the demands of clients. While creating such solutions, these principles are always kept in mind and used as the foundation stone. Furthermore, the company approaches technology with uncompromising standards and an artisan’s eye.

Delivering SAP Products and Services

The SAP solution providing company delivers SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One License Sale and Implementation and carters India, Middle East, and Africa markets. The company carries regular SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One License Sale, Implementation, and customizations. It also addresses the day-to-day challenges of customers by applying Design Thinking and Innovative Technologies.

CEO Venkata Siva Reddy shares, “For example, one of our customers is into Agri Warehousing. To meet Demand and Logistics Challenges, we implemented a grain quality app using AI/ML. 

There is a customer who is into Industrial Chemical Manufacturing and Trading, and we are in the ideation phase of getting IoT devices for tracking its containers.

For an Automobile company in Nepal, we implemented App for its Sales Team and Dealers to track Sales Enquiries and Vehicle Sales.” 

Catering Various Industries and Verticals

Clients prefer the solutions offered by TEKROI because they are customized, easy-to-operate, and help manage customer relations and business operations. Thus, the company serves a wide range of industries and verticals. This includes Manufacturing: Chemical Manufacturing, Cement Manufacturing, Textile Manufacturing, Automobile Two Wheeler Manufacturing, Electronics, and Electrical Manufacturing & Assembly.

Trading, Distribution & Retail: Chemical, Electrical & Electronics Appliances, Industrial Equipment’s, Fashion Retail, Automobile, Steel. Besides these, it also caters to the needs of Engineering and Construction, NBFC’s cum Micro-Finance.

Furthermore, the company plans to expand its customer base on these industry verticals.  

Assembling A Team Of Experts With Proficient Experience  

TEKROI has assembled a team of professionals who are passionate and proficient in delivering the right solution. For the highly-efficient team to perform better, the company goes above and beyond to help them personally and cares about their personal lives. It provides a clean, hygienic, and professional work environment for employees to conduct business on a day-to-day basis.

TEKROI also maintains an open-door policy, encouraging employees to approach their managers to discuss problems or conflicts. “Employees sometimes place me on a pedestal but putting myself on their level by showing my own vulnerability and imperfections also helps them overcome their challenges. Always be real and transparent. Provide opportunities for new experiences,” shares CEO Venkata Siva Reddy.

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