Yasaf Burshan: An Ingenious Leader Helping Creative People Unleash Their Creativity

Creative leaders encourage disruptive innovation and push people beyond their comfort zone so they can experience growth and life to their full potential. They are flexible and creative in their management and communication styles, especially when it comes to engaging with a new generation of employees, partners, and consumers. These creative leaders expect to make deeper business model adjustments to achieve their goals. To succeed, they take leaps of faith over calculated risks, come up with new ideas, and continue to innovate in their leadership and communication styles. Yasaf Burshan, CEO and Founder of Team Genius, is one such example of a creative leader. 

The Motivation Behind The Inspiring Journey

Yasaf has spent 25 years as an IT executive in several organizations and held key management roles in all of them. He then realized that so many people are eager to deliver their message, unleash their creativity, and provide service to others, but just feel lost, confused, and suffer from a lack of confidence like he once did. After experiencing this, the creative CEO decided to become an enabler of that purpose to provide inspiration and empowerment to creators so they can engage with the audience effectively. “I was inspired to found Team Genius as part of my personal journey to set my creativity free,” shares Yasaf. 

Today, as CEO of Team Genius, he believes the two most critical responsibilities are to develop and preserve the culture of Team Genius, as well as to ensure that the company attracts and engages with the right clients. Team Genius plays a vital role in Yasaf’s healing process, not only by allowing him to express himself creatively, but also by letting creators all around the world to do so.

A Glimpse Of Team Genius Services

Team Genius offers its services into two main categories: Technical and Mentorship / Educational.

Technical services: Genius Zone Digital Studio provides technical services. Yasaf and his team provide knowledge brokers as a one-stop-shop for all technology requirements. From selecting the best tools to operate their business, to refining existing processes, supporting growth through integrations and automation, to a complete business in a box solution in which they set everything up for them, including a high-converting sales funnel. This is great for coaches and mentors that already know where their Zone of Genius is, they already teach in person, have a network, and some kind of internet visibility, and are looking to scale their business.

Educational and Mentorship services: Genius Academy offers educational and mentoring services because it is a hub for bringing together the best speakers and creators. Speakers get to appear in front of a focused audience and give high value on themes like entrepreneurship, business ownership, technology, and, last but not least, spiritual traits that are essential to succeed as a creator in this new world.

Our mission is to inspire and empower creators to make an impact.

– Yasaf Burshan

Pandemic Impact 

According to the most creative CEO Yasaf, the current pandemic has been beneficial to their industry. There is a rising need for online education, training, and information delivery in general for obvious reasons. As a certified Thinkific agency partner, his company Team Genius observed that there is an increasing demand for state-of-the-art learning management solutions and successful sales processes and funnels that are required to facilitate growth among its customers, and it is glad to support them.

Overcoming The Challenges 

It is a matter of resource allocation,” says Yasaf. His role is to ensure that his team members have sufficient resources to satisfy increasing demand, as well as that their ability to allocate and utilize additional resources is consistent with rising demand. He states, “We don’t want to scale too quickly and risk damaging our culture nor too slowly and risk damaging the quality service we provide to our customers.”

Open And Transparent Culture 

Team Genius is a multi-national company with staff in three different countries and time zones, and its clientele is even more diverse. “I believe that open and transparent communication is critical to success, and we have both developed a culture and made a significant investment in tech that allows us to maintain that kind of communication both internally and with our customers,” says CEO Yasaf. He also feels that becoming involved in the early stages of creating and budgeting a task or project will enhance the motivation of those participating because everyone on the team will have a say, and their opinions will be heard right from the start.

Future Roadmap 

Team Genius CEO Yasaf believes that they have a bright future ahead of them. By the end of 2022, he anticipates that their digital studio doubling in size, and with the opening of the academy in early 2022, he sees a big increase in the number of artists who need help connecting with their Zone of Genius enrolling to their education for guidance and support.

A Piece Of Advice From CEO Of Team Genius  

Team Genius has strengthen its existing partnerships with leading vendors in the industry like Thinkific and Microsoft and formed new ones Like Monday. Each partnership make both sides better and provide additional growth opportunities. “My message to other CEOs is “never miss a crisis”. There is always an opportunity for growth if you take a deep breath and carefully analyze the situation,” says Yasaf. 

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