ironSource Partners with Vodafone


ironSource, a leading business platform for the App Economy, announced today a partnership with Vodafone, which will be integrating the ironSource Aura solution suite on its Android devices across Europe, including in the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy. Aura is designed to empower carriers to build long-lasting relationships with their customers and to improve the device experience by providing valuable content and services at the moment of device setup and throughout the lifecycle of the device. Through Aura, carriers are given the flexibility to promote their owned and operated content and services in a dynamic and seamless way.

ironSource is a leading business platform for the App Economy. App developers use ironSource’s platform to turn their apps into successful, scalable businesses, leveraging a comprehensive set of software solutions which help them grow and engage users, monetize content, and analyse and optimize business performance to drive more overall growth. The ironSource platform also empowers telecom operators to create a richer device experience, incorporating relevant app and service recommendations to engage users throughout the lifecycle of the device. By providing a comprehensive business platform for the core constituents of the app economy, ironSource allows customers to focus on what they do best, creating great apps and user experiences, while we enable their business expansion in the App Economy.

Finding and keeping customers is an important part of all business’s goals. With the world changing at such quick pace and added unpredictability, businesses recognise adapting is critical to maintain relevance and grab customer attention.

At the core of ironSource’s DNA is the concept of free-to-play. Externally, products have been designed to make the free-to-play economy work better for content creators. Internally, free-to-play encapsulates a company culture that is based on trust and giving our employees the freedom to explore, lead, and impact the company in both expected and unexpected ways.

“Offering high-quality content at points where it’s relevant, welcome and natural, is the cornerstone of creating customer loyalty today,” said Arnon Harish, President and Co-Founder of ironSource. “We’re excited to partner with a leading telco brand like Vodafone to offer their customers an optimized onboarding and in-life device experience which is richer and better suited to each user’s needs.”

Vodafone Business is a leading technology communications company helping organisations succeed in a digital world and keeping society connected. With our expertise in connectivity, our global scale and our leading IoT platform, we can deliver the results you need to progress and thrive. Whether you are looking for a particular solution or simply advice, you can count on our team to provide you with the support and expertise needed throughout your business’ digital transformation.

Customers actively download content on the very day their device is turned on for the first time, so it’s particularly crucial for carriers to create an optimized onboarding experience during this high engagement touchpoint. By offering a dynamic setup experience, Aura enables Vodafone customers to customize their devices with content that fits their needs and interests. Powered by AI and machine learning capabilities, Aura continues working throughout the lifecycle of the device, powering various touchpoints based on user behaviour and interests to deliver relevant content and services that users will value to drive increased engagement and NPS.

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