Successful Business Women To Watch In 2020

Nicole Cover

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a massive challenge for the Public Relations (PR) industry. It is now the responsibility of PR professionals to bring calm through constructive and impactful organizational communication in every scenario. Currently, these professionals are working hard to maintain the equilibrium, strategize on creative ideas, and develop plans to bring their clients to the forefront……


Shilpa Mittal: An Unwavering Force Breaking The Language Barriers

As women have entered the management arena, it has become apparent that women provide new viewpoints and different ways to work with and treat people that can achieve the same or better outcomes. Also, over the past years, the trend towards women in leadership positions seems to be on the rise. Beca…
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Women Leader

Women leader: Overcoming barriers to leadership

Leaders who make gender diversity significance by setting ambitious goals for the proportion of women in leadership roles, insisting on diverse slates of candidates for senior positions, and developing mentoring and training programs are frustrated. Around the world, women now have more power than e…
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women leadership

Women Leadership The Impact on Organizations and its Workplace

A leader is a person who influences and encourages a group of people to work towards the realization of goals. The symbol of leadership is the ability to influence others towards achieving goals and towards improvement. Leadership is the ability of a superior to influence the behavior of subordinate…
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