Vikas Thakur: A Formidable Force Transforming The HR Industry

Vikas Thakur

In this technological epoch, the world has become a global market place. Organizations that want to lead the race in this market need to recruit and form a team of talented professionals. The CEO of Capital Placement Services, Vikas Thakur believes that workplaces are undergoing tremendous changes, and it is our responsibility to echo that change in the HR industry. The HR professionals are expected to make provisions and plan to retain employees, to create productive workspaces for them, and bridge the gap between the management and the employees. Furthermore, he has noticed that these…

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Abhishek Sinngh: A Certified HR Professional Bringing The Right HR Solutions To Organizations

abhishek singh

The HR industry has undergone a dramatic change in its roles, functions, and overall impact in shaping organizations. Technology now drives organizational strategy and culture and not just experience and process. The most effective HR technology would help organizations achieve the desired business outcomes.Ways & Works Consulting LLP, established by Abhishek Sinngh (CEO & Managing Director) in 2013, perfectly understands this requirement of organizations. It offers the best breeds of HR solutions by using the latest technology. With the right combination of people, process, knowledge sharing, and technology, the company provides cutting…

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Future of hiring trends to pick up after post Lockdown

future of hiring

The pandemic situation which has crushed the life of people in every possible way also the business and economics. Everything has been affected right from hiring people, retaining employees, their appraisals; everything has taken troll. Before this pandemic the world was dwindling and the economy was growing but this lockdown is spreading like a wildfire which has led social distancing a new normal and has affected several industries so badly that now the world is expanding and the economy is shrinking. Industries such as pharma, food processing, entertainment, e-learning platform…

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COVID-19 Impact – HR Pandemics in 2020


The world’s workforces are on lockdown due to Covid-19, with no end in prospect. The post-pandemic world order desires one familiar function to tie social sustainability together human resources. Since the outbreak started in January 2020, Covid-19’s impact on the world’s economies has been so massive that it has unraveled everything that organizations and their millions of workers have endured over cycles of global crises. Even from a sustainable business perspective, the priorities of battling the threats from climate change have been pushed back in light of more urgent issues…

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