Top 10 Best Performing Leaders in Franchise Business in 2022


Bernd Steiner: Bringing Authentic, Delicious French Delicacies To Masses

Success stories never fail to inspire. When someone succeeds after starting from the bottom, their inspiring narrative becomes an awe-inspiring tale. Those who create their own success from nothing are the ones who effectively manage life’s hurdles without stopping. A perfect example of an individual starting from little and creating their own success is Bernd Steiner, CEO of La Maison du Pain. Bernd’s Transformation Journey
If you start a business at a young age, good education and establishing a network seems to be the right things to have. But later, you will find out that your

Top Technology Trends to look out for in the Near Future

Keyword: Top Technology Trends Technology has taken over the world in the past few decades. Increased digitization, rapid industrialization, and intensified use of internet have led the emergence of newer technologies daily. Many companies are updating their business strategies according to the top…
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Digital Transformation: Propelling the Customer Experience

Keywords: digital transformation, tech companies, enterprise Digital Transformation has fueled the growth of tech companies over the years. It has forced the enterprises to change their business models and adopt to the new market reality. However, this change is not being driven by the companies, i…
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