NEOPAY and Alipay+ team to expand its digital payment offerings

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Mashreq’s NEOPAY has become the first acquirer in UAE to launch Alipay+ renovativecross-border digital payment and marketing solutions to merchants on their point of sale(POS) devices as part of a broader strategy to augment digital payment experiences.The initial integration is live at more than 2,000 store locations spanning shopping malls,luxury stores, supermarkets and restaurants across the UAE to enhance the overall paymentexperience for international visitors. The existing solution will be upgraded to Alipay + seamless from the backend for allmerchants. NEOPAY will further roll out the Alipay+ solution at all…

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Cloudflare Introducing the Most Complete Platform to Deploy Fast, Secure, CompliantAI Inference at Scale

Cloudflare, Inc., the leading connectivity cloud company, today announced that developers
can now build full-stack AI applications on Cloudflare’s network. Cloudflare’s developer
platform will provide the best end-to-end experience for developers building AI applications,
enabling fast and affordable inference without the need to manage infrastructure.

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