Helena Smolock: Pioneering a New Era In Fitness And Wellness With Velocity Athletic Training

The business landscape is a dynamic tapestry, constantly evolving with innovation, disruption, and ever-shifting market forces. At the forefront of this change are visionary business leaders who navigate these complexities with strategic brilliance and a keen eye on the future. They will be the ones who embrace technological disruption to empower their businesses and foster a culture of innovation that propels their companies forward. And one of them is Helena Smolock, the Founder and President of Velocity Athletic Training.

Helena has made significant strides in the fitness industry, leaving an indelible mark on the world of sports and wellness. With a relentless focus on innovation and excellence, she is poised to lead Velocity Athletic Training to new heights of success.

From Aspiring Lawyer To Fearless Leader In The Business Landscape

As a young athlete, Helena was driven by self-motivation, a passion that persisted throughout her high school years. She enjoyed participating in various sports, including baseball, volleyball, floor hockey, gymnastics, and especially Track and Field. Initially, her career aspiration was to become a criminal lawyer – that was her dream. However, during Grade 13, while on a work experience placement at the Ottawa Courthouse in the Criminal Division, the admired business leader gained firsthand experience in navigating the Canadian Court system. It was during a murder case that Helena experienced a significant shift in perspective, leading her to pursue the path she is on today.

Today, as the Founder and President of Velocity Athletic Training and a respected figure in the business world, the fearless leader encounters added duties. Hence, she emphasizes the importance of separating personal and professional life for fearless leaders. Clear boundaries between work and home are crucial; they shouldn’t blend together. Despite her office being at home, Helena strictly defines its operational hours, a new responsibility she undertakes to maintain these boundaries.

Blending Fitness and Nutrition for Lasting Wellness

At Velocity Athletic Training, the primary aim of Helena and her team is to provide corporate clients and individuals with a practical and straightforward approach to achieving optimal health and wellness. Their overarching goal is to develop fitness programs infused with an athletic flair, complemented by functional nutrition and supplementation. Many of their clients have remained loyal over the long term due to the trust they cultivate with them and the demanding yet rewarding workouts the clients undergo.

Today, Velocity Athletic Training focuses on adapting its services to the evolving business landscape. However, it does not provide online Personal Training Services due to liability concerns. Instead, it offers a membership program with exclusive benefits for its members. Helena firmly believes nothing can replace the value of one-on-one, in-person training.

Long-Awaited Vision Takes Flight

According to Helena, the need for Velocity Athletic Training has existed for a long time. It became a reality in 2005 in British Columbia, Canada, where she provided Personal Training, Corporate Wellness, and Functional Nutrition Services. The admired business leader had been working in the industry for 41 years, and as a result, she did not encounter any difficulties or obstacles when starting Velocity Athletic Training in 2005. Helena’s extensive experience and expertise made it easier for her to establish and run the business smoothly.

Towards a Dynamic Online Presence

Recognizing the indispensable role of a robust online presence in today’s business landscape, Helena entrusted the task of managing and maintaining the company’s website to a dedicated employee. Adapting to the latest technological advancements, she recognizes that her expertise lies in the Health and Wellness sector. So, she keeps him motivated by maintaining regular communication and expressing appreciation for his excellent work! Although the website is still under construction, it’s shaping up splendidly!

Expert Consultation for Businesses

Helena helps companies primarily by guiding them through a consultation to figure out their needs, budget, and which services they can start using in their organization. She emphasizes that this is the best investment they can make to improve their company’s well-being. When employees are healthy, they are more productive.

Launching Global Online Membership

While the COVID-19 pandemic presented numerous challenges for the fitness and wellness industry, it also catalyzed innovation and accelerated trends toward digitalization and at-home fitness solutions. As a result, Helena and her team are building an online membership to reach people worldwide. They also offer virtual motivation sessions, virtual functional nutrition and supplementation consultations, and certifications. She is planning to open her first boutique-style studio in the USA.

A Laid-Back Approach with Proactive Results

Leadership style shapes organisational culture, drives productivity, and fosters employee engagement. When it comes to Helena, she says her leadership style is more laid back but takes charge in a professional manner. She likes to look at every angle of a situation and find common remedies for the benefit of everyone involved.

Navigating Gender Disparities and Embracing Resilience

When asked to share her biggest learning experience in the industry, Helena replied that she realized the significance of being fearless and strong. She also says that this is a male-dominated industry; it’s clear that companies still tend to prefer negotiating with men. There is still a noticeable gap in pay, with male trainers often earning more than their female counterparts.

Setting Key Milestones

Setting key milestones is akin to charting a course through uncharted waters. Hence, Helena has set some key milestones for her company for 2025. This includes expanding the membership worldwide for corporate elites to join and support them in their health and wellness! This objective will be achieved within six months as the company extends its reach.

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