Future of hiring trends to pick up after post Lockdown

future of hiring

The pandemic situation which has crushed the life of people in every possible way also the business and economics. Everything has been affected right from hiring people, retaining employees, their appraisals; everything has taken troll. Before this pandemic the world was dwindling and the economy was growing but this lockdown is spreading like a wildfire which has led social distancing a new normal and has affected several industries so badly that now the world is expanding and the economy is shrinking.

Industries such as pharma, food processing, entertainment, e-learning platform are beholding demand in the manpower and new job opportunities while others such as hospitality, travel and tourism are witnessing drop in the job opportunities and fighting for survival of their existing employees. In this scenario the companies are taking various actions so that it should not suppress their organizations growth.

So let us look at the broad trends in jobs, careers, work spaces, work culture, skilling, learning-unlearning-relearning, and the choices that lie ahead:

Agility in work:

Organizations will want to build competencies they wish they had invested in before: to be more digital, data driven, and in the cloud; to have more variable cost structures, agile operations and automation; to create stronger capabilities in e-commerce and security. This agility will be the core to the future. Automation and technology where AI and robotics are playing important role in the recruitment space which is used by hundreds of major companies to scour job sites, scan resumes, schedule interviews, and engage with applicants.

Redefined, reskilled redeployed the robust workforce:

The post Covid organization will look to doing many concurrent initiatives predicting demand shifts, assessing skill profiles; connecting workers at scale sometimes even through highly unlikely alliances, create platforms for accelerated learning, and develop and foster shared flexibility. The effort will be to try and simulate future challenges, and try to get the organization, especially the human resources to measure up.

Reset for a new mindset:

Companies are starting to re-evaluate how contact centers should be leveraged, how employees deliver relevant consumer experiences, and how digital channels can be used to support business continuity through the crisis and beyond. Companies are also considering the impact of these changes on the way they design, communicate, build and run the experiences that people need & want.

Capability mapping and rescaling the staffs:

Companies are exploring the possibility of transferring some of their employees from one division to another so that they can bring the best out of employees. This will also reduce the need of new hire in the organization and the additional economic burden on the shoulders of the organization.

This will help the employer, understand the gap in the skill of the employee and their current job role and help in aligning their competencies by various learning platform.

To summarize, there are some other trends and measures which can be taken by the employer during this pandemic but each trend should be exercised wisely without damaging the employer branding. To restart life post lockdown, digital workforce and design will be essential components and play a vital part in success, growth, and innovative outlook.

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