Marc Rippen: Prominent way to develop the Lives of Diabetics


Diabetes is one of the top health issues facing the world today. 463 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide and one third of the world’s population is borderline diabetic. People with diabetes are at risk for health complications including blindness, kidney failure, and increased risk of heart attacks.

Marc Rippen (President and Founder) founded Alertgy as a result of saving his wife from entering a diabetic coma in 2016. It was then he realized the existing unmet need for this technology to measure blood sugar levels with an external wearable sensor device. Alertgy saves the lives of diabetic patients, by dramatically improving their quality of life, increasing their lifespan and by easing the burden to their loved ones and caretakers mostly by providing the world’s first real-time wearable non-invasive continuous glucose monitor and alert system. The company was founded by a small team of innovators who have collaborated on challenging technical programs over the years.

I believe innovation, especially in the technology field, is the key to making a better world, and I want Alertgy to be a part of that.

– Marc Rippen

He put together an “A-Team” of professionals whom he has worked with over the last decades in taking technical laboratory concepts to proof of principal demonstrations and scaling to global commercialization in several industries. Over 11 million people in America are unaware that they are diabetic and only find out when they are hospitalized as the disease progresses. The company started with a mission where no family will have to go through the same situation. Today Alertgy provides a revolutionizing solution “DeepGluco” a device that patient can wear around the wrist and is synced with the smartphone to measure blood sugar level.

Marc Rippen – Leading Towards Revolution

Marc Rippen is a visionary leader, highly skilled engineer, scientists, technical sales and marketing professional with a proven track record in product development, program management and sales related to the application of high technology to solve what people thought were impossible problems.

With over 30 years of experience, Marc has worked for multiple fortune 500 companies, Department of Defense (DOD), NASA, SOCOM, and DARPA commercializing dozens of ground-breaking and revolutionary technologies. He holds various degrees across multiple interrelated disciplines including Microbiological Sciences and Immunology, Biophysics, Analytical Chemistry, Masters of Aeronautical Science, Management of Engineering and Technology. These skills have allowed him to support the transition of technology from the lab into startup businesses, and then to publicly traded corporations.

Marc is a skillful engineer with a background in multiple disciplines focused on changing the way diabetics go about their daily lives. Prior to founding Alertgy, he was the Director of Engineering of the Marine and Space Division of SRI International St. Petersburg, as well as a prominent program manager and a top gun in business development for multiple fortune 500 companies, and defense contractors supporting DOD organizations such as DARPA and SOCOM for advanced Applied Research and Development Projects.

“The main strength behind my entrepreneurial spirit is my passion on this subject combined with my will to challenge myself and succeed at difficult tasks. The challenge Alertgy has bringing our market to diabetics all around the world is truly one that I can give my all every day, and will not stop until the goal is accomplished. I believe innovation, especially in the technology field, is the key to making a better world, and I want Alertgy to be a part of that,” Marc said.

Marc’s key role is to lead the team and enable each team member to provide their best effort. He is responsible for finding the strengths of each person, helping them to achieve their professional and personal goals, and providing the vision that is needed to move the company in the best direction. He is also responsible to insure investors get a reasonable return on their investment and to provide the hundreds of millions of diabetics a system that will greatly enhance their quality of life and reduce the worry for their loved ones. His team consists of highly competent individuals who really care about our mission to better the lives of diabetics. The motivation is driven by doing something good that will be significant for all mankind.

Necessity is the mother of invention

– Marc Rippen

Improving Health through Innovation

Alertgy is proud to offer the first truly non-invasive continuous blood glucose monitor in the world. Many have tried and failed, but through applying its groundbreaking technologies, the company is well on the way to delivering an optimum solution that will save the lives of diabetics and significantly enhance their quality of life.

Alertgy uses social media, focus groups, pilot studies, and other outreach techniques to diversify its offering to create an appeal in-front of its target audiences. Marc would like to sponsor applied research programs to further applications for the company’s technology at Universities. He sees himself running a technology skunk works and mentoring young engineers & scientists to apply their knowledge and research and development skills to address all the technical challenges that exist in the medical, energy, food and environment that can benefit mankind as a whole while building strong technology-based industries in the United States.

Marc thinks every leader must be driven by a vision to provide a solution that benefits their customers better than any other existing solution. He constantly invests his time in attending industrial and technological trade shows/conferences, reading technical literature, and learning new things every day.

To build a successful customer base you first have to have a product that the customers want to buy. For Alertgy, this means to have a device that people will enjoy wearing that won’t negatively affect their daily routines. Secondly, you have to build a relationship with your customers so that they trust your product. To many, diabetes is a deeply personal issue, and they will not trust just any product that says they can change their life.

Game Changing Technology

The Alertgy NICGM (Non-Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor) “DeepGluco” product is the device that measures blood sugar without the need of drawing blood like the traditional blood glucose measuring devices. Through this revolutionary technology, Marc and his team developed a platform and sensor that is unlike anything currently available on the consumer market. Most all devices today rely on physical blood measurements collected through direct blood measurements requiring needles and other painful processes, or sensors embedded into the body that are limited to interstitial glucose measurements. “DeepGluco” gets rid of these arduous methods and gives people the ability to accurately measure their blood glucose in real-time. Alertgy will have first smartwatch sized wearable device developed by the end of year 2020.

Alertgy’s system uses IoT to link the users of its technology to its cloud-based analytics platform which routinely optimizes its analytical protocol to ensure they get the most accurate data possible on their blood sugar levels, and other data that they may be interested in seeing. The platform can also be used to transmit user’s data at the request of their doctors and medical caregivers, to set high and low levels for alerts. Alertgy’s cutting-edge technology eliminates the need for implanted sensors, patches or devices that use chemical reactions or fluid transfer through the skin, clamped devices that use lasers or other intrusive measurement techniques.

Addressing COVID-19 Challenges

In the healthcare Industry there is a constant battle to see who can develop the most successful and useful technology to bring to consumers. Awareness needs to be a top philosophy in running the business in order to ensure that you always have the upper hand on your competition and are aware of everything that is going on. This has caused Alertgy to be extremely efficient in our development process, insuring we don’t waste time that could be used to bring our technology to the market quicker. Alertgy has determined that its technology can be applied to rapid detection of covid 19 without invasive sampling and was asked by NIH to submit a proposal to do preliminary research to further develop this application under their innovative technology development program.

The pandemic situation is actually benefiting the health industry as it has forced the medical establishment to rethink how they can best manage diseases such as diabetes more effectively, remotely, and digitally. The long-term effect will be quicker acceptance and use of Alertgy’s technology by the core elements of the medical and insurance industries.

CEO’s Outlook on Pandemic

Alertgy maintains a safe working environment and takes all steps to mitigate any risks of transmitting or be exposed to the COVID virus. When team members know they may have been exposed they self-quarantine as needed. The company will continue to focus on developing its technology with core objectives to make a great device, one that is accurate, reliable, useable, and affordable; advance their understanding of diabetes progression and prevention, and provide value to their investors.

Alertgy’s “DeepGluco” will serve to reduce the costs of managing diabetes for the diabetic, the employer, the health care providers, and the insurance industry. Aside from saving money, it will serve to improve and save lives and enable a proactive means for people to better manage their health. As he always say “Never give up on something that really matters to you” which shows that DeepGluco can grow to be a top selling product across the globe and be a staple technology in the European and Asian healthcare markets.

With a vision to change the lives of the 463 million diabetics around the world, Marc along with his team works on innovating leading-edge sensor and materials technologies to detect blood sugar levels. Alertgy’s contribution to curb the rise of diabetes has been remarkable in the healthcare field and will continue to influence the industry with new strategies and innovation.

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