Nicole Rodrigues: A Zealous Leader Helping Clients Reach Their Business Objectives Through Creative PR Services


The COVID-19 pandemic has created a massive challenge for the Public Relations (PR) industry. It is now the responsibility of PR professionals to bring calm through constructive and impactful organizational communication in every scenario. Currently, these professionals are working hard to maintain the equilibrium, strategize on creative ideas, and develop plans to bring their clients to the forefront.

Understanding the importance and power of PR, Nicole Rodrigues (CEO of NRPR Group) helps brands and businesses thrive in digital platforms and further boost their online reputation management. As a marketing pro with extensive knowledge in PR, social media, and digital marketing, Nicole is pushing the envelope and setting new benchmarks in this industry.

I am always on the hunt for better tools for improving operations and assuring that everything we do is at the highest quality and that we deliver the best results for our clients.

– Nicole Rodrigues

Nicole’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Nicole truly felt that she was born to be in PR when she took PR 101 in college and declared PR as her major. She dreamed of owning a PR agency, while in college, and was eager to learn all the ways PR assists companies, brands, celebrities, and more. The well-versed leader wanted to wait to open her own firm until she was well-trained and mastered every level as a PR professional so that she could be a coach and mentor to the team that she would lead.

Nicole began her professional journey in technology and decided to challenge herself by pursuing her dream job of working with the Oakland (now Las Vegas) Raiders. There, she started as an intern and soon moved into a paid job as Player Development Coordinator, where she trained incoming rookies on how to speak to and prepare for interviews with the media. She also helped out with initiatives with the Raiderettes, the Raider Image team stores, and wrote for the game-day magazine and website.

Additionally, Nicole worked in a few other positions, including an in-house PR manager position at MOBITV and senior PR manager at Voce Communications before Demand Media recruited her as a consumer marketing director. She also served as VP of digital entertainment at Bender/Helper. Throughout her PR tenure, she advised several renowned clients, including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Dialpad, LA Comic Con, Yahoo!, MOBITV, Paige, Heal, Sony PlayStation, Plantronics, Hulu, YouTube, and M-GO. “In 2014, when I felt ready, I left Bender/Helper to start NRPR Group. One of NRPR Group’s clients is MOBITV, which is recognition of the relationship I built with them as a competent, trusted advisor,” shares Nicole.

Today, as the CEO of NRPR, the veteran PR miracle worker leads the company’s vision and is responsible for strategy across the company and accounts. She also heads up business development and seeks different ways to grow the company. Furthermore, she is responsible for setting the company culture and ensuring that her vision creates satisfaction for clients and employees.

Award-Winning PR Agency

Nicole established NRPR Group with a mission to provide full-service PR and strategic positioning from an award-winning, internationally recognized team. To achieve this mission, the company works closely with CEOs, executives, and internal marketing and PR teams to uncover the passion, vision, and differentiators within any given company, and share those stories with appropriate vital audiences. The company serves consumer, digital, and enterprise technology companies, working with them on public relations, marketing communications, social media marketing, events, influencer relations, executive thought leadership building, and digital marketing services.

NRPR also specializes in helping organizations of all sizes to identify and accomplish their business goals with tailor-made plans and consistent marketing that maps results back! Additionally, the NRPR team educates its clients on how public relations works and what it can and cannot accomplish. Nicole proudly asserts, “Our team members are experts in building the media relationships needed to gain client trust and deliver what they need to benefit both clients and media through meaningful coverage.”

As the leader and CEO, my actions set the tone for how my staff should behave based on core values of hard work, respect for others, and self-worth.

– Nicole Rodrigues

A Supportive Team and Culture

At NRPR Group, Nicole has created a positive culture where all employees support and encourage each other. Whether in-person or the current virtual office, she always motivates and helps the team accomplish tasks that will increase client visibility. At the same time, she keeps her own energy positive and at a high level. The successful businesswoman also recommends that team members leave bad moods at the door, while still being supportive if someone needs a friendly ear or word of encouragement. Nicole supports and appreciates the hard work while reminding herself and her team that nothing truly worthwhile is easy. Moreover, she firmly believes in coaching and mentoring, and that the time and energy she has put into assisting the team will be returned to her in the business’s success. It’s also crucial for the team member to realize that although she has given them a mission, Nicole is available to help them find their bearings and decide the next steps if they’re in a tight spot.

A Promising Bright Future of NRPR

Nicole has drafted a development plan for NRPR for 2020, despite the pandemic. With her skilled team, she continues to grow the business and help clients succeed in a post-pandemic environment through integrated communications strategies in which PR, social media marketing, digital marketing, and video marketing all need to work together to optimize brands’ marketing potential. It will also remain the best example of what PR agencies of the future should and can be. NRPR has received 30 awards over the past six years. The zealous leader would like to continue the run in 2020 with the introduction of new technology and monitoring strategies, which will also allow them to serve their customers even more fully. Further, Nicole continues, “We are building NRPR Productions, our full-service production company, specializing in branded content, commercials, corporate videos, and YouTube series, which launched at the beginning of this year.”

I am always on the hunt for better tools for improving operations and assuring that everything we do is at the highest quality and that we deliver the best results for our clients.

– Nicole Rodrigues

Addressing COVID-19 Challenges

The ongoing pandemic is affecting economies all over the world and bringing new challenges for them. As an enthusiastic leader, Nicole was concerned for the health, safety, and wellbeing of her family, agency, and clients when she first learned about the pandemic and stay-at-home orders. With their headquarters in Beverly Hills, she became more concerned when protests were occurring and getting out of hand. However, she knew two things right from the start that she and her staff are warriors who don’t give up. They continue working closely with their customers to exchange constructive thoughts and keep them going.

Furthermore, they have many clients in COVID-related industries such as research, masks, pathology, and platforms that help business owners digitally access customers. Also, the team worked from home, and staff remained connected via Google applications, texting, and instant messaging. Nicole also decided to assist businesses that might be impacted by the pandemic by offering discounted services, as required. “I know that this situation will not last forever, and on the other side, there will be growth. Many companies have placed plans on hold and will rebound with new products and services that they will want to publicize,”says the veteran PR miracle worker.

CEO’s Outlook on Pandemic

Due to the pandemic and its spillover effect on the global economy, the role of leaders and their outlook on the world and the deadly virus is changing. Nicole believes that her views may be different from that of others. In her opinion, while other executives find they need to cut ads and communications when their business is having a problem and stay quiet, they need to do the opposite. However, it is quite the opposite. It is the perfect time to think about the things their business does, the improvements they make, and how their organization adapts to the pandemic’s changing circumstances. “While large companies may be cutting marketing budgets, a smaller nimbler organization can step up and take a leadership role. If you continue to keep the lines of communication open with your customers, partners, and employees, you will have the opportunity to shine in the press and marketplace and build your credibility and reputation,” says Nicole. She further continues, “Understanding and executing good crisis communications plans can often be a big aspect of the PR role. Knowing how to react, when to respond, and how to approach a crisis such as COVID-19 takes practice and skill. You should believe in your company and use this opportunity as a chance to grow.”

Nicole believes a year from now, when companies that may have suffered during the pandemic, particularly in the travel, hospitality, and retail industries, will be in reconstruction mode, they will be pumping up the budgets for public relations. So, while she recommends clients continue moving forward with their current business plans, they and other companies may be holding off on product launches. Also, there will be a multitude of product launches and new businesses to meet customer demands post-pandemic. These businesses will seek advice from public relations experts, which may lead to increased recruitment by PR agencies. While the economic structure may change in a post-pandemic world, PR will continue to need visibility as an industry is likely to emerge in a stronger position as companies.

Takeaways for The Readers

As a successful female entrepreneur, Nicole advises, “To be a successful businesswoman, be proud that you are a woman and do not ignore your feminine side.” She further adds, “I own my looks and my brains, and I bring them both to every meeting. I am also a loving and nurturing mother. Dads do not feel guilty for wanting to feel fulfilled in whatever their life’s purpose is, and neither should we. We’re strong women, and we can balance it all. If you have earned a seat at the table with hard work through the years and your confidence should be unwavering, and you can be successful in all parts of your life.”

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