Most Promising AR/VR Solution Providers to look for 2021


delasign: Creative, Design Technology to Reimagine a Mixed Reality Future

The world of augmented reality has been democratized in the past few years, through packages or platforms such as Lens Studio, Spark AR Studio or 8th Wall. It places inventions such as Perfect Corp’s YouCam SDK at risk of being recreated via a drag and drop process. This is great as it becomes more about the creative and application of the technology rather than the technology itself and encourages leaders to push past their existing offering. While many prefer specializing in one area or another, some creatives can offer extra benefits to the clients by crossing disciplines thereby making the work more engaging and cohesive.


How Technology Driving Change In Post Pandemic

Information technology companies emerged as the biggest beneficiary of the new wave of digital transformation, with the pandemic acting as a catalyst for organizations across sectors to fast-track adoption of digital and cloud-led technologies to survive in the new normal.…
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