Khora: Expanding Reality with Innovative Solutions


As technologies are evolving fast, there is more and more interest to do campaigns, training, and education through VR and AR. Particularly with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for digital approaches and new ways of having immersive experiences in the safety of the home has increased significantly. Moreover, from an environmental approach, AR and VR are providing the possibilities to take people to places they would normally travel to by plane or car. Thus, AR and VR are helping companies with a green approach.

Amid the numerous possibilities created by AR and VR, several new companies are continuously emerging in the AR/VR industry. Established in 2015, Khora is one such company that is on a mission to investigate VR as more than just a game technology. Being the leading Scandinavian Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) production studio, Khora creates cutting-edge content within multiple application areas.

Khora is a concept driven from Plato and is defined as the place between the real and non-real that wavers between the sensible and the intelligible. It was incepted to become a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds—for which the company strives to create space for people to develop and let loose their wildest imaginations. Today, Khora is exploring the value potential of AR and VR through meaningful collaborations and partnerships. The company works within multiple industries, with a deep understanding of technology and of how and why businesses and institutions should be working within these emerging mediums.

The Expansive Portfolio

Khora is an award-winning AR/VR production studio with 20 full-time employees. Over the last four years, it has produced more than 200 VR/AR applications and hosted more than 800 workshops and events as well they are specializes in producing leading-edge content within multiple application areas such as—Marketing, Healthcare, Museums & Tourism, Training, Simulation, and Construction, Art, Education, Workshops, Arcade & Showrooms, etc.

Since its inception, Khora has worked with several renowned clients such as Orsted, Coloplast, Carlsberg Byen, City of Copenhagen, KL, The Capital Region of Denmark, Keofitt, etc. With these clients, it has completed several major projects such as—360˚VR Space Safari with Orsted, Virtual Apartments with Carlsberg Byen, Social Anxiety Exposure Therapy with Capital Region of Denmark, and Operating Theatre VR Simulation with Køge Hospital.

At Khora, we are exploring the value potential of VR and AR through meaningful collaborations and partnerships.

– Peter Fisher and Simon Lajboschitz

A Versatile Leadership

The company was founded by Peter Fisher and Simon Lajboschitz (Co-founders of Khora). They joined forces in the Meatpacking area of Copenhagen and opened up Denmark’s first VR showroom where people could come in from the street and try VR. The first production made by Khora was the VR game called Cityscape repairman and was the first VR experience in the Khora portfolio. The company was founded under the mission of exploring the possibilities of immersive technologies and how they can add value to society.

The Broad Approach

We have a very broad approach at Khora where we work with many different industries, so it was a challenge in the beginning to find the red threads between our different clients,” says Simon. However, he believes that these challenges have made the company even stronger so that it can find value within this niche industry for many different types of use cases and knowledge share across industries.

Presently, Khora is working with the technology “Volumetric video” which allows it to do a 3D scan of an object or a person in their actual dimension and shape so it can be viewed from each of those angles. It is possible to use this both in VR and AR, however, this video is a great solution for creating the present of a person especially in AR.

Empowering the Clients

Maintaining a healthy relationship with the clients is crucial for any company to succeed both in the short term and long term. Companies that prioritize and uphold client satisfaction often thrive in the increasing market competition. Khora has a very close relationship with its clients. The company makes sure to listen to the client’s needs and fears.

As a lot of Khora’s clients do not know the VR and AR world thoroughly, the company makes sure to guide and educate them when collaborating on a project. With this, Khora makes the clients feel safe in the process.

Furthermore, most of Khora’s clients are in Denmark, however, the company envisions a big potential internationally. As Europe is not much evolved in terms of VR and AR, Khora has managed to remain one of the top companies in the region in terms of VR and AR production.

Exploring New Possibilities

Khora is constantly working on adapting new technology to AR and VR and trying to find projects where VR and AR can make a difference in the world and help people. This is why work in the healthcare industry is so important to Khora. It’s an opportunity to see and demonstrate how important this technology is and can make a huge difference both now and in the future.  

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