NEOPAY and Alipay+ team to expand its digital payment offerings

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Mashreq’s NEOPAY has become the first acquirer in UAE to launch Alipay+ renovative
cross-border digital payment and marketing solutions to merchants on their point of sale
(POS) devices as part of a broader strategy to augment digital payment experiences.
The initial integration is live at more than 2,000 store locations spanning shopping malls,
luxury stores, supermarkets and restaurants across the UAE to enhance the overall payment
experience for international visitors.

The existing solution will be upgraded to Alipay + seamless from the backend for all
merchants. NEOPAY will further roll out the Alipay+ solution at all other merchants
throughout the year.

“NEOPAY, with its technological acumen powered by Mashreq, has consistently led the
digital payments revolution. Our strategic partnership with Alipay+ augments this trajectory,
enabling our merchants to seamlessly integrate multiple Asian wallets, streamlining the
payment process,” said Vibhor Mundhada, CEO of NEOPAY.

Mundhada said the partnership cements NEOPAY’s reputation as one of the early adopters of
this transformative payment solution. The synergy with Alipay+ is expected to propel the
company’s growth and expand its reach in the burgeoning mobile payment ecosystem.
Alipay+, with its global reach of over 1.4 billion consumers behind more than 20 mobile
wallets and banking apps including Alipay, MPay, TrueMoney, GCash, Kakao Pay and
Tinaba, boost the UAE’s digital payments sector.

The alliance with Alipay+ will empower Asian tourists to opt for their favoured payment
methods at NEOPAY-affiliated establishments, spanning malls, retail spaces, restaurants, and

NEOPAY’s expansive vision encompasses merchant acquiring, issuing processing, consumer
payment platforms, and an array of value-added services. The company’s platform promises
burgeoning SMEs a gamut of services including software as a service (SaaS) based on
enterprise resource planning (ERP) combined with payment capabilities.

Guoming Cheng, General Manager of Ant Group in Europe and Middle East, said, “Together
with Mashreq and NEOPAY, we are thrilled to put Alipay+ solutions at service of vast
merchants of the region, enabling them to not only accept Alipay, but also process various
digital payment methods – through simple integration – to make visitors across Asia and
beyond more welcoming. Together we look forward to transforming the retail landscape and
capturing more growth opportunities for merchants and seamless experience for consumers.”

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