Oracle Firm Berry Data Teams Up With MoneydefiSwap & Getblock

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The partnerships will help Berry Data to expand its network capacity and operational channels within the decentralized industry. The MoneydefiSwap oracle portal will enrich customers with reliable data feeds, and GetBlock will offer a stable node performance, guaranteeing an unmatched experience of blockchain utility. Berry Data offers a trustless and decentralized interface that helps users access off-chain data on blockchain networks. The oracle solution allows parties to seek connection with an off-chain data point. The miners then strive to include this value in an on-chain data cluster to be used by all DApps on the Binance Smart Chain.

The GetBlock community is a prominent brand in the Blockchain-as-a-Service sphere that offers superior services to thousands of investors across the world. Users can access seamless integration of wallets, DEXs, games, etc, across a wide range of blockchain platforms through its revolutionary API-supported dashboard.

GetBlock offers instant API connection to full nodes from more than forty leading blockchain channels like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC, to name a few. The expert team of professionals at GetBlock provides a powerful infrastructure to firms and individual developers to create high-tech applications on blockchain interfaces in a simple and economical way.

On the other hand, MoneydefiSwap is a revolutionary BEP-20 token, infusing algorithms that fetch lucrative rewards to investors. The project helps token holders earn juicy gas-yield rewards and gives incentives for holding by encouraging price stability through automatically generating liquidity. The MoneydefiSwap solution is recognized for the automatic market-making tools that offer baseline liquidity, increasing with every investment.

Berry Data is a transparent community-verified price oracle on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). Berry Data provides a trustless and decentralized alternative for off-chain data. Also, it provides the infrastructure for decentralized applications to query off-chain data by properly incentivizing miners to provide data.

For cutting-edge decentralized projects like Berry Data, the one-click access to high-performance network infrastructure is of a paramount importance. That’s why partnering with GetBlock is yet another notable milestone of Berry Data’s technology and adoption progress.

With GetBlock cooperation, Berry Data expands its impressive series of partnerships started in Q3, 2021. Namely, earlier this month, the network launched joint programs with ChipShop Finance algorithmic stablecoin operator and Gifted Hands, a next-gen platform for freelancers’ collaboration. All mentioned partnerships are focused on major security and performance upgrades for all parties involved. Therefore, Berry Data strengthens its position in the segment of decentralized data oracles.

Berry Data project is 100% open-source so that it pioneers the concept of ‘transparent community-verified price oracle’ on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the fastest growing smart contracts network worldwide.

Berry Data’s tokenomics is built around BRY, its core native utility and governance asset. BRY token can be used as a payment method for Berry Data services or as a governance voting instrument. Also, it can be staked or utilized for community growth programs.

BRY holders can also benefit from their idle riches by providing liquidity in BNB- and USDT-based liquidity pools on PancakeSwap (CAKE), a largest BSC-based DeFi. BRY-BNB liquidity pools are also active on Alpaca Finance and Autofarm, two mainstream BSC-based ‘yield farming’ environments.

GetBlock is a service that provides instant API connection to full nodes from many leading blockchain platforms (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, etc.). The mission of the GetBlock project is to ensure cost-effective tools and infrastructure that will help enterprises and individual developers to build high-quality blockchain applications faster.

GetBlock is among the leaders of the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) segment: their instruments are utilized daily by thousands of users worldwide. Their clients can get their wallets, DEXs, bots, games to 40+ blockchains via an intuitive API-powered dashboard.

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