Shaista Majeed Wani: A Zealous Leader Providing Academic Guidance To Help Students & Researchers

Shaista Majeed Wani, Founder and CEO of All Assignment Support, is on a journey to help students with their academic projects by providing the best resources — the best team of subject-specific experts, language experts, and professional editors who are available 24×7 to guide and support them at all levels. Being the Founder of a leading company, she has been working with a wonderful team who shares equal responsibilities, equal dedication, & genuine connections. 

The Motivation Behind All Assignment Support Establishment 

The dynamic shepreneur, Shaista never imagined she’d own a company. While pursuing her MBA, she had her first offer and decided to move to New Delhi, a completely new city and a new world of corporate. Sharing anecdotes from her professional journey, she says, “I strived through my daily challenges but never gave up, always kept on grooming my skills, and had my eye on different operations. Having a head full of dreams, I kept on looking into operations of different businesses and researching about the challenges faced across those industries.

Mr. Nuwaid Farid Khan (Co-Founder), a friend of Shaista, always believed and kept saying, “Essence of every business is the same, we all are emotional beings, looking for context, connections, and relevance,” which has always been questioning for her. One day, while talking with him about people who face challenges in their daily academic projects and professional operations, the duo realized that even after having amazing theoretical knowledge gained from different academic and professional intuitions, they face concerns like how and where to start. 

Even we have such experiences in our professional and academic life, where we were assigned assignments by our peers but we had no idea how to even start it, till the moment someone guided us, and we realized our skills,” says Shaista. She further adds, “We sometimes kept on looking for individuals who can guide us using their experiences and practical knowledge, in which we sometimes get lucky and sometimes we have to face unfortunate embarrassment or consequences. In our continuous and long discussions, we figured out this concern is not limited but as global as the recent pandemic.

Hence, this was the moment when Shaista, together with Nuwaid, decided to connect students and professionals to concerned experts and provide them with the guidance they needed most.

Our mission is to increase our network of industries, make our presence remarkable in every industry while making Academic and professional guidance beneficial and accessible to anyone who requires it globally and keep on increasing our global presence and reach.

– Shaista Majeed Wani

A One-Stop-Solution 

All Assignment Support is a one-stop solution for almost every business and academic need globally. The company’s operations are limited, and services are remotely provided 24/7 in specific fields which are mentioned below- 

1. Academic guidance for students

2. Professional guidance for working professionals

3. Content development

4. IT Services and Solutions

5. Marketing and PR

It is constantly looking to expand its professional presence and network by identifying global experts in almost every industry and adding new services to its list.

No Boss Culture 

Talking about her company’s culture, Shaista says, “Our company is cosmopolitan; we at All Assignment Support believe in “No Boss Culture” and continuously encourage entrepreneurship.” The company follows a strict transparency policy when it comes to revenue. After handing over assigned tasks to its clients, when the financial transaction is complete, it shares the information with the relevant expert and divides the revenues equally. 

Shaista believes that this motivates his team and even makes them feel responsible as owners of the company. She further states, “As I kept mentioning, our team is our Family. I am just representing as a face, but it’s our Family who is equally running the show. Besides, we equally involve our family members (team), in decision making to grow our business.

Facing COVID-19 Pandemic Challenges Head-on

Policies of All Assignment Support have been transparent to all family members and will remain transparent in the future as well. We will keep our equal approach, revenue transparency, no doors Policy, and equal profit sharing as it is for now,” says Shaista. This is due to the company’s business model, which is based on mutually beneficial, skill identifying, skill polishing, and continuous learning. 

Moreover, the zealous leader and his team have been open to learning, sharing knowledge, and receiving positive feedback from their clients and family members globally. “We are looking forward to maintain that and have no plans to change our policies. This has not only changed my life but everyone’s life in our family, and I have a firm belief and trust in our family that we will continuously care, support, and keep on growing our All Assignment Support family together and equally,” says Shaista. 

Future Roadmap

As the Founder, Shaista believes that All Assignment Support will have an excellent growth year in 2022. The company plans to expand its global presence, gain more popularity, and become accessible to those seeking advice. It also plans to expand its family of experts in a few more industries and continue to connect people seeking advice from world-class experts. Furthermore, the company has been making sure that everyone grows equally, maintains the quality of its services to the best of the best, and offers its services to more industries while continuing its research and innovation with an innovative service style.

A Piece Of Advice

Shaista’s suggestions for readers are “Never stop dreaming, keep your head full of dreams,” “Keep on sharing and gaining Knowledge,” and more importantly, believe in “Essence of every business is same, we all are emotional beings looking for context, connections, and relevance.”

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