Ahmed Detta- Recycling Business Leader of the Year

An organization may have people with unique talents and capabilities; however, it is the leadership that utilizes individual efforts towards the collective goal since he is the torchbearer for the entire team and contributes to society too.

One such influential and successful business leader is Ahmed Detta, who realized the problems of UK and came up with a solution with its innovative brand Enviroo. Ahmed Detta is the CEO and the Founder of Enviroo with the purpose to raise recycling rates by shifting the behavioral habits of society when it comes to recycling on the go. Enviroo is one of the most innovative recycling businesses in the UK for thinking around recycling and offering a solution to post-consumer plastic waste.

The bellows are the highlights of the interview with Ahmed Detta and his journey, the current industry scenario, and his vision for the company’s future.

1.           Tell us something about yourself?  What inspired you to start your journey in this industry?

I am a purpose-driven entrepreneur, who seeks to find solutions to challenges I’ve experienced.  I was inspired to reimagine the way the world recycles when working in the UAE where I became aware of the problem of recycling plastic.  The sheer volume of plastic such as single-use water bottles and on-the-go food and drink containers made me realize there must be a better way. 

By reimagining the global recycling industry, we can create a truly circular economy.  I’ve been immersed in this industry for years and have realized we need to change the industry by changing social habits and behaviors.  Recycling must become habitual for everyone, everywhere.

2.           What solutions or services does Enviroo offer to its clients? would you tell us the overall vision behind Enviroo and your focus today?

Enviroo provide a solution to post-consumer plastic waste. We recycle 100% of PET plastic waste and create ‘food-grade’ polymers that are used to recreate food packaging and plastic bottles.

This is innovative for the industry which is typically viewed as being poor in terms of transparency and efficiency.  The recycling industry needs to be reimagined and we are doing just this.

We have created a closed-loop recycling method, with long-term viability as it ensures transparency, circularity, and sustainability. Our executive team at Enviroo is adept at identifying opportunities where plastics recycling can be accelerated or improved from current processes and has developed local market insights to support the ever-growing plastic waste problem.

We use innovative technology that segments PET plastic from other supporting components through a highly sophisticated synthesized washing process, coupled with a world-class extrusion process. The result is the creation of polymers that can be used in direct food contact packaging.

3.           When did you recognize the need for Enviroo and what were some of the challenges in putting together your offering?

Whilst working in the UAE there was an opportunity to reimagine the recycling industry.  Enviroo will begin this reimagination in the UK where we look forward to providing a solution to post-consumer waste.

We’ve come across challenges in our journey, particularly raising investment in a new market and seeing the impacts of the pandemic and investor nervousness.

4.           Every business leader has numerous responsibilities, being a fearless leader at Enviroo what added responsibilities are you dealing with?

I am CEO of Enviroo but I am also endeavoring to be a spokesperson for the industry we are trying to reimagine.  I seek to be involved in Government consultations on the way we recycle and manage plastic waste.  It is important to show the recycling industry has a face and is endeavoring to accelerate the journey to Net Zero and to go beyond that – to strive for Net Positive.  The industry must look to give back more than it takes.  I aim to show that the industry can make a positive contribution to our natural environment and, importantly, our social environment.

5.           How would you describe your leadership style, and what has been your success mantra?

I aim to ignite a passion in my team and have bold goals and targets. Being purpose-driven I look for colleagues with the same mindset.  You will not succeed without being passionate about it.

6.           How do you help a company understand what they want to achieve, how are you able to encourage people in that?

I like to bring people on the journey with me.  Our journey is to reimagine the recycling industry and every step is important.  By being transparent and involving all parts of the business on the journey, we are igniting passion and, importantly, purpose.

7.           Tell us something about your team and the culture of your company. How are you keeping them motivated in current times?

Enviroo is a people-centered business.  We value our employees and realize that they are at the heart of what we do.  By engaging our employees with the company’s vision we keep them motivated.

8.           What are the key milestones you have set for your company for the year 2024? What does the next six months to a year look like for Enviroo?

Key milestones is that in 2024 construction for the plant will be close to being operational at the end of 2024

9.           What has been your biggest learning experience in the industry? What did it teach you?

Biggest learning experience is that this industry is still very fragmented and requires much more legislation before its volatility stabilizes. It has taught me to ensure that everything needs to be cross checked multiple times before you proceed to the next stage.

10.         What measures is your company taking to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic? If you want to share a message or give a suggestion to our readers, what would it be?

As the world recovers from the pandemic, we are looking to overcome the financial nervousness we have seen.  We are a firm believer in our mission and vision, and this has held the company in good stead. 

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