Truveta, Microsoft form cloud AI partnership with strategic investment


Microsoft and Truveta announced a strategic partnership to apply the power of Microsoft Azure and AI to help Truveta achieve its vision of saving lives with data. Truveta the first health provider-led data platform owned and governed by 17 innovative leading health providers in the U.S. including Providence, Novant Health, Northwell Health and Trinity Health has selected Microsoft Azure as its exclusive cloud platform. The Truveta platform on Azure will initially represent more than 15 percent of all clinical care in the United States and billions of data points, creating the world’s largest de-identified health data platform.

Through their strategic partnership, Microsoft and Truveta will work together to scale the Truveta platform globally, introduce new customers to Truveta and accelerate opportunities for more health providers to become members, contributing their data for insights for the common good of humanity. Microsoft is also making a strategic investment in Truveta to help accelerate how quickly the world can benefit from Truveta insights. Truveta will also become a Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare partner and enable Microsoft to strengthen its own offerings for healthcare customers.

“Healthcare is generating more data than ever before and there is an immediate need to leverage insights to improve patient care,” said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president, Cloud + AI, Microsoft. “Building on the security and scalability of Azure and its AI capabilities, Truveta’s data platform will empower clinicians and researchers to find new therapies and treatments. Together, our partnership will help advance global health outcomes for all.”

“The COVID-19 global pandemic illustrates so clearly there is more information, yet less knowledge than ever before. Healthcare providers and researchers need better data and faster answers to address the most challenging issues in patient care not just for this pandemic, but for all health conditions,” said Terry Myerson, CEO of Truveta. “Together with Microsoft, we’re working to accelerate saving lives with data and advancing health equity around the globe. Our mission is to enable researchers to find cures faster, empower every clinician to be an expert and help families make the most informed decisions about their care.

As a Microsoft partner, the Truveta platform will be integrated into Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, unlocking new insights for precision medicine and clinical analytics from the world’s largest de-identified health dataset. Becoming part of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare will strengthen Microsoft’s offerings for the industry and help Truveta reach new customers. Microsoft has no rights to the Truveta data, but Truveta will work to make it seamless to access. Microsoft recently accelerated its efforts to support the rapidly transforming and growing healthcare industry, including the launch of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare in 2020 and its intent to acquire Nuance, a pioneer and leading provider of conversational AI and cloud-based ambient clinical intelligence for healthcare providers.

Truveta is also creating a learning community for health, bringing researchers together to easily build on each other’s work, readily share their data-driven questions and answers and ultimately speed their time to insight. Applying AI to health data will accelerate the pace of human learning into real-time learning, which the COVID-19 pandemic made clear the world needs.

Earning the trust of health providers and their patients is critical, and Truveta is governed to the highest standards of security, privacy and ethics. Data privacy will be protected using several industry-standard, privacy-preserving techniques and audited for risk of re-identification. Truveta chose Azure as its cloud platform for its industry-leading security and compliance capabilities that will help the company protect sensitive health data, manage compliance and address evolving regulatory changes.

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