Recuro Health Display Digital Healthcare Solutions Planned to Renovate Benefits Strategy at SIIA’s 2023 National Conference

Recuro Health, a leading provider of digital healthcare solutions, is proud to announce its participation in the Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA)’s 2023 National Conference at booth #800. The event, scheduled for October 8 – October 10, 2023, will serve as a platform for Recuro Health to unveil innovations that promise to revolutionize benefits strategies in the self-insurance industry.

Recuro is a leading virtual-first care delivery company offering a personalized, holistic, and proactive approach to healthcare, looking to make advanced healthcare more accessible. Recuro provides seamless access to various virtual care services, including primary and urgent care, behavioural health, at-home lab testing, and genomics testing. Additionally, Recuro provides a comprehensive suite of supplemental benefits, integrated prescriptions, care management, and care navigation, all available on a unified platform.

Recuro Health provides modular technology that seamlessly integrates into the client member portals in the self-funded healthcare space. Attendees will discover how the company’s innovative genomics testing, diagnostic labs, and integrated HRAs are driving proactive member healthcare and actively redirecting high claim costs. Recuro Health’s commitment to reimagining healthcare delivery through technology is highlighted in their focus on providing comprehensive, cost-effective, and accessible healthcare solutions.

“Recuro Health’s participation in the SIIA National Conference underscores our dedication to improving the healthcare experience for employers and their employees,” said Kimberly Darling, President of Sales, Recuro Health. “We have developed innovative digital healthcare solutions that empower self-insured organizations to take control of their benefits strategy, reduce costs, and enhance the overall well-being of members.”

The company’s telehealth platform provides on-demand access to healthcare providers, including primary care, psychiatrists, psychologists, and more, allowing employees to conveniently receive medical consultations and advice at any time and from any location. Additionally, Recuro Health’s data-driven population health management tools offer valuable insights for payers, employers, and TPAs to make informed decisions about their benefits strategy, leading to healthier and more productive workforces.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Recuro Health is dedicated to transforming the self-insurance industry’s approach to benefits administration. Recuro Health’s solutions assist self-insured organizations in controlling healthcare costs by promoting preventative care, reducing emergency room visits, and optimizing healthcare spending to members. The company’s digital platform includes personalized wellness programs engaging employees in their health journeys, resulting in improved health outcomes and increased employee satisfaction.

Recuro Health invites attendees of the SIIA 2023 National Conference to visit booth #800 to experience firsthand the transformative potential of its digital healthcare solutions. Industry professionals, HR executives, and benefits administrators will have the opportunity to engage with Recuro Health’s team and explore the innovative tools and services that can reshape their benefits strategy.

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